What Do Trojan Viruses Do on Computer Systems?

21 Oct, 2022 583 Views
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This malicious software is also known as the Trojan. It disguises itself as a friendly and useful program or file. In the long run, it steals, damages, or even spies at your computer system.

What Do Trojan Viruses Do?

How did the Trojan horse virus got its name? It’s from the Greek mythology where the Greeks built a giant wooden horse as gift to sneak into the city of Troy – the Trojan Horse virus. It disguises itself as a normal, unsuspicious file. In the Internet. there are many types of Trojan viruses which can do set of tasks. Its goal is to control of a user’s endpoint, stealing data and injecting more malware on to a victim’s computer. It can also perform the following:

Weird Messages and Pop-ups

Do you notice that your computer is showing you all sorts of pop-ups and messages? It doesn’t matter if it’s an advertisement or a message saying your PC is infected. You can sure now that you starting to feel the Trojan horse virus symptoms. You may have contracted a fake antivirus or a spyware onto your system.

Extremely Slow Computer

If you think that having too many files and running multiple applications all the same time can slow down the computer, it’s not the only cause. A Trojan horse virus symptoms can also cause that slowness because it must be using many resources.

You Can’t Connect to the Internet

One of the Trojan horse virus symptoms is a slow Internet. Many times, you might not be able to connect to it either. When you know that everyone else in the house or office can connect, be warned. That’s one of the Trojan horse virus symptoms. When you’re infected, the Trojan horse virus could be connecting to a URL or opening separate connection sessions. Because of that, it reduces the available bandwidth or it makes it hopeless to use the Internet.

Apps aren’t Working at All

An application you really need isn’t working at all after minor troubleshooting must be one of the Trojan horse virus symptoms. Some programs can work but some of your programs is won’t. You should go check all of your security tools and system to be sure.

Malicious Windows

Are there unwanted windows and browsers that display pages? This is a strong indication of a Trojan horse virus symptoms. The unwanted redirection of traffic to another deceitful website. This can trick you to use a fake website which you won’t notice at all.

Missing Files

This is one of the scariest Trojan horse virus symptoms. Your important files that are missing might have been manipulated by a Trojan virus. The Trojan horse can delete or encrypt information, or move your files to another place. You should be worried when this thing happens to you.


Your computer language suddenly changed without your knowledge. It’s a giveaway Trojan horse virus symptoms. Your screen can also show back-to-front and other strange activities can tell you that you have an infected computer system.

Your Antivirus Gone and Firewall Disabled

It’s not only files that can disappear in your computer, your antivirus and firewall functions can be turned off during the Trojan horse virus attacks. This makes your computer a lot more vulnerable to cyber attacks. A serious computer security issue is already happening and you should react to it quickly.

Computer Operating on Its Own

Your computer starts to become a hot mess. You notice that it’s sending emails and having Internet sessions on its own. You’re definitely experiencing Trojan horse virus symptoms.

Advanced Endpoint Protection Against Trojans

An ordinary antivirus might not be able to do a great job at detecting Trojan horse virus at your computers. The Trojan horse virus symptoms can’t easily be detected because it pretends to be a legitimate file or software. That scheme makes it harder for a general antivirus to detect it. What you need is the specific Trojan horse virus protection that can eradicate such pesky Trojan horse virus in the computer.

All you need is to use the Advanced Endpoint Protection to fight the Trojan horse virus symptoms. It is the next-generation cyber security that blocks bad files and automatically contains unknown files in a virtual container using Default Deny Platform™ and containerization technology. The unknown “contained” file is analyzed and an accelerated verdict is obtained through the Valkyrie cloud-based advanced malware analysis platform. It gives you the Trojan horse virus protection.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection gives a lightweight, scalable Default Deny Platform with a unique endpoint security approach. This results in complete protection and enterprise visibility. The app based platform removes the difficulty in using and solving the issues. Provisioned in minutes, Advanced Endpoint Protection also contains unified IT and security management console, that through an app enabled platform reduces the effort of managing your Android, iOS, OSX, Linux, and Windows devices, on every segment of your physical and virtual networks.

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