What Does Malware Free Mean?

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If you own a computer or a laptop, you would have undoubtedly heard a lot about malware and its harmful effects. Here is a brief about malware, how it infects a computer, and what does malware free means.

Enterprise Xcitium What Does Malware-Free Mean

What is Malware?

Malware is a form of malicious code created with the intent of damaging the victim’s computer, stealing private information, or spying on a computer without the consent of the user scanning for malware. It can infect a computer system without the permission or knowledge of the user what is a malware scan.

Malware has the capability to corrupt files and steal private information like credit card details of the user and send them back to the hacker. The most popular categories of malware are spyware, Trojans, viruses, ransomware, adware, rootkits, worms, etc.

From spying on your online activities to slowing down or locking down your computer, the malware presents considerable risk to your private data if you do not beef up security against them malware scan meaning.

What Does Malware Free Mean: How It Infects A Computer?

Malware can infiltrate your computer through various means, but the most common method is through phishing links and seemingly benign software downloaded from shady websites.

Malware can get into your computer if you click on the links or open attachments from suspicious emails sent from unknown email addresses.

What Does Malware Free Mean: Effects of Malware Infections:

Be it an average user or an organization; any computer user can be a victim of a malware attack. If your system got infected with adware, it would bombard your computer screen with several annoying pop-ups that can’t be closed at your will malware scan.

If your computer gets infected with a virus or Trojan, it can slow down your computer and also corrupts your computer making it inoperable in some extreme cases.

Both the viruses and Trojans run in the background, and you cannot find it unless you have the best antivirus or virus removal software. This is also applicable to an organization with multiple endpoints operating at various locations.

What Does Malware Free Mean and How To Achieve It?

Malware free refers to keeping your computer free from all types of malware threats. As mentioned earlier, malware not only slows down your system performance, they can also prevent you from using your PC by bombarding your screen with ads. You may also face problems like endless pop-ups and changes in your browser homepage, browser settings.

You can ward off malware threats by installing a good antivirus on your computer. When it comes to an organization’s security, antivirus products are not a viable option. The ideal way to disarm even the potent malware is to have an advanced endpoint protection system.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) software has the most extensive array of tools to identify known good and known bad files. With built-in containment engine, Xcitium AEP is much more efficient and effective in containing malware including the zero-day malware when compared to other endpoint security products.

What Does Malware Free Mean: Conclusion

Xcitium AEP provides real-time protection for all of your endpoints so that your organization can stay protected from malware threats at all times. Get Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today and make your endpoints malware free!

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