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Anti Malware Tools FreeAlmost everyone uses the Internet every day. The World Wide Web is a great tool to access unlimited information, but hackers also use it to spread malware. To keep our devices protected, we need anti malware software. There are many anti malware tools free download on the Internet. But check out the reasons below why you need to be careful in choosing anti malware tools free download.

Malware on Smartphones

If you own an Android or iOS phone, look for anti malware tools free download. Smartphones are at risk of malware attacks because malware lurks even on legitimate websites.

Recently, Trend Micro discovered spyware infected apps on the Google Play Store. The spyware called ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY can steal personal information. It generates a fake login page and goes through your messages and call history to steal credentials.

The infected apps have already been removed from the Google Play Store but you still need to keep your phone protected with an anti malware tool free download. Even though the website developers put their best efforts to prevent malware, hackers always find a way to infect legitimate websites with malware. If you use your phone for making online transactions, you have a better reason to look for the best anti malware tools free download for your phone.

Malware on Computers

Almost every day we visit different websites, download numerous applications using our computers. We never know what our computer will catch by visiting random websites without anti malware tools free download. Varieties of cyber threats such as trojan, ransomware, spyware, rootkit, and keylogger are spread on different websites. So it is important to keep your computer protected with anti malware tools free download.

Don’t wait until your computer is hit by malware before you install the best free malware removal tool or anti malware tools free download. A malware infection is hard to deal with. It may cause irreversible data loss and computer damage. Just like a ransomware attack.

The ransomware encrypted files cannot be restored without paying the ransom. The amount can reach thousands of dollars. Because ransomware uses the most advanced cryptosystems, it is almost impossible to decrypt. Since our computers contain important files, it is essential to keep it malware-free with anti malware tools free download.

In downloading an anti malware software, check out if the anti malware tools free download contains the following features:

Fileless Malware Protection

Fileless malware is the new age cyber threat that is proliferating today. It loads in the computer even without the help of an executable file.

Normally, malware is attached to an executable file. It only spreads when the user runs the file. But fileless malware gains direct access to the computer memory when the user opens a phishing email.

Fileless malware evades detection because it is invisible in the hard drive. To prevent fileless malware infection, never allow it to reach the computer memory. So look for anti malware tools free download with a fileless malware defense system.

Drive-by-Download Detection

A drive-by-download is when malware installs secretly behind the background. This malicious installation can easily be prevented if the anti malware tools free download has drive-by-download detection.

A drive-by-download is one of the leading causes of malware infection today. To avoid falling victim to a drive-by-download attack, ensure that the anti malware tools free download has drive-by-download detection.

Spear Phishing Detection

Spear Phishing is a malicious email that contains an infected attachment. As mentioned, fileless malware gets installed immediately when the user falls victim to a spear phishing attack. But if the anti malware tools free download has spear phishing protection, it will detect a phishing email in no time.

Out of many anti malware tools free download online, try Xcitium Anti Malware. It is one of the best free malware removal tools for a personal computer. It protects you from varieties of online threats. It also removes bad entries in the registry that prevents unwanted applications from launching when the computer restarts. Download it now. It is one of the trusted anti malware tools free download for PCs.

A business network needs complete malware protection. Its endpoint devices can be an entry point of malware if left vulnerable. Xcitium  Advanced Endpoint Protection ensures the protection of endpoint devices. It consists of:

Host Intrusion Prevention System

The Host Intrusion Prevention System is an advanced security features designed to prevent fileless malware attacks. It also detects sophisticated malware that can bypass the antivirus and firewall.

  • Monitors the computer memory and registry to detect fileless malware
  • Monitors the keyboard against keylogger
  • Monitors the file system against unauthorized direct access


The Auto-Containment is a sandbox-based technology with a Default Deny feature. It prevent any untrusted file from accessing the hard drive files by running it first in a virtual container.

  • Detects spear phishing
  • Prevents drive-by-downloads
  • Auto-contains untrusted files
  • Prevents ransomware attacks

Cloud-Based Antivirus

The cloud-based antivirus works alongside the anti malware software. It protects the endpoint devices against the latest threats.

  • Protects the computer against trojan, spyware, rootkit, adware, viruses, and worms
  • Detects latest threats even if the security software is not updated yet
  • Detects zero-day malware


VirusScope is an advanced machine learning technology used for detecting malware that bypasses the Signature-Based Detection.

  • Contains recognizers that detect malicious behavioral patterns in no time
  • Detects malware that can mutate its signature
  • Allows you to reverse unwanted changes made by legitimate applications


The firewall prevents data breach by filtering network traffic.

  • Also prevents drive-by-downloads by monitoring data transmission
  • Monitors the information sent to and received by endpoint devices
  • Prevents inbound and outbound threats

Indeed, malware proliferation is inevitable, but malware infections are preventable. By taking preventive measures and installing reputable an anti malware tools free download, you can keep your network and computers malware-free. Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection or contact us to get a live demo.


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