Learn the Best Way to Prevent Ransomware

21 Oct, 2022 25 Views

Best Way to Prevent RansomwareIf you want to know how to prevent ransomware from your computer, learning what makes your computer vulnerable to ransomware attack is important.

Why Ransomware Can Gain Access to your Computer Easily

Ransomware can easily invade an unprotected computer or device. Exploiting a computer vulnerability is its common way to gain access without permission. When ransomware discovers a weakness in a device, sooner or later it’s already in the computer.

One reason ransomware is going to get access to your computer without a problem is because you are running an outdated software. An updated software is more secure because a software update is intended to fix existing issues with the application. Updating the software is one best way to prevent ransomware.

Whenever there is a software update, it contains the fix for bugs and system vulnerabilities. So when a user fails to update the software, the computer becomes vulnerable to a Ransomware Attacks. An exposed system vulnerability can be easily exploited by hackers. So it is important to fix it right away.

Another reason ransomware can easily hit the computer is because there is no antivirus software installed on the computer. Antivirus software is the primary defense of the computer against malware such as ransomware.

It deeply scans the hard drive and removes any threats in the computer. Without an antivirus software, ransomware can easily enter the computer because nothing scans the file to determine if it’s safe or malicious. So when ransomware arrives at the computer, it can easily encrypt data files and folders. Installing an antivirus software is another best way to prevent ransomware.

Another thing that leaves a window open for ransomware is an inefficient security software. The security software forms the line of defense against ransomware. A security software with a weak security system may miss a sophisticated ransomware.

Most ransomware hackers use today are fileless. It no longer relies on an executable file to spread in the computer. Since it is fileless it can easily go to the computer memory, writes its script into the RAM, and encrypts files.

The reason many users are looking for the best way to prevent ransomware is the loss of important files. Ransomware guarantees data loss. Unless the files have been backed up, the only way to recover them is by paying the ransom. Some of those who paid the ransom were tricked and were not provided with the decryption key.

To avoid the hassle caused by ransomware, prevent it from hitting the computer. Never run outdated software and most importantly, choose the best security software that guarantees ransomware protection. That is the best way to prevent ransomware. What security software provides the best ransomware protection?

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection has become an essential security tool of many business networks. It has been protecting 85 million endpoint devices worldwide and none was reported to have a malware infection.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is a security software designed to protect the endpoint devices. An endpoint device is any device that is connected to the network such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. These endpoint devices that have access to the network can get compromised and become the source of ransomware infection.

To prevent a malware infection that starts with an endpoint device, Comodo developed an endpoint security software. It secures the endpoint devices against malicious attacks. The Comodo security software only needs to be installed on the central server and a client manager on the endpoint devices then the endpoint devices receive comprehensive malware protection.

One advanced feature of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is HIPS or Host Intrusion

Prevention System. Protecting the registry and computer memory against modification is what HIPS designed for.

When a fileless malware attacks the computer memory, HIPS blocks and removes it. Guarding the computer memory is important because once a fileless malware gains access to it, it is almost impossible to remove. Sometimes Windows reinstallation is required. With HIPS, the computer memory is free from fileless malware invasion.

Another advanced feature of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is the Auto-Containment. The Auto-Containment that is built on Default-Deny technology denies any untrusted file access to any endpoint device. When a file enters the computer and it is flagged as unknown or untrusted, Auto-Containment jails it in a safe container.

The virtual container sets the file apart from the other programs in the computer while enabling multiple recognizers to observe the file’s behavior in the computer. If the file is malicious then it is deleted. It’s the Auto-Containment that renders zero-day threat to the computer; it never releases a file until it is flagged as safe.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is equipped with a packet filtering firewall that monitors the network traffic and data transmission. So malicious activities within the network are instantly blocked. It also comes with an antivirus that blocks and identifies threats in no time. It’s advanced Behavioral Monitoring techniques just adds another layer of defense against malware.

Never leave a window open for ransomware. Download Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection now. It is the best way to prevent ransomware.

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