What’s the Best Way to Protect Against Ransomware

21 Oct, 2022 40 Views

Protecting yourself against ransomware is becoming a necessity. Ransomware already knows what files and folders to encrypt the moment it gains access to the hard drive. If you want to avoid the loss of important documents, photos, videos, and folders, find the best way to protect against ransomware.

Best Way to Protect Against RansomwareFinding the best way to protect against ransomware would probably less urgent if ransomware attack was rare. It’s just a fact that ransomware attack is rampant today and it’s growing faster and more sophisticated over the years. It’s like cyber criminals are mastering the ransomware evasion techniques.

It’s really no surprise if one morning ransomware hits your computer. Despite the ransomware proliferation, ransomware attack is very much preventable. You just need to be aware of the preventive measures to prevent ransomware from hitting the computer.

Many users today neglect the basic preventive measures they can apply to avoid ransomware attack. These are the easiest ways to protect the computer and valuable files against ransomware.

One is updating the software. Do you know that ransomware is known for exploiting system vulnerabilities? The moment it finds a weakness in the computer, it exploits it to gain access. So avoid running outdated software. One tool that can help you update the computer software is patch management.

It automatically locates the latest software update for your operating system. So you never have to worry if you have the latest version of the software installed. Patch management notifies when the latest version is already available.

Security software is probably one of the most important parts of security measures. Not installing security software is like leaving your computer vulnerable to a ransomware attack. A security software plays an important role in your safety against malware attack. Consider it your major defense against ransomware.

Blocking and identifying threats are the primary jobs of security software. Without it what will scan files on your computer? Manually scanning the files with different free tools on the Internet is possible but time-consuming. Ransomware spreads fast. Better leave the job to the security software. It’s the best way to protect against ransomware.

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What is Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Have you heard of security software with endpoint protection? Comodo is the leading endpoint security software. An endpoint security software protects the endpoint devices against malware such as ransomware.

The endpoint devices could be any of these devices like laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Basically, endpoints are the devices connected to the network. Any endpoint device can serve as a potential entry of ransomware.

Ransomware infection can start in a single device before it spreads to the other devices within the network. Protecting the endpoint devices is the best way to protect against ransomware. Nowadays, the endpoints are at risk of ransomware attack since hackers targets internal users to hijack a network.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection deploys Auto-Containment built on Default-Deny against untrusted applications. When an unknown file enters the computer, instead of monitoring its behavior while running in the computer, Auto-Containment temporarily jails it and runs it in a virtual container. Setting it apart from the legitimate software while observing its behavior is what Auto-Containment does.

While other security software allows an unknown file only to sandbox it later. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection quarantines it and releases it once confirmed safe. Zero-day threat is one of Comodo’s objectives.

Apparently, a security software without a defense system against fileless is considered weak. Fileless malware continues to proliferate. Ransomware is one of the malware that has evolved from traditional malware to a fileless malware. Meaning no executable file is required anymore. The victim only needs to open a phishing email and the malware goes straight to the computer memory.

Comodo developed HIPS or Host Intrusion Prevention System to combat fileless malware. Guarding the computer memory is its primary job, as well as monitoring the registry against modification. HIPS also prevents unauthorized access to the keyboard and hard drive. So when fileless malware attempts to access the computer memory, HIPS blocks and deletes it.

Investing in a multi-layered security protection system is the best way to protect against ransomware. Comodo never leaves your computer and network vulnerable with a powerful antivirus as its first line of defense. It also consists of a packet filtering firewall and virus scope as its machine learning technology that detects malicious activities in no time.

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