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Home users are not the only one who are being attacked by the ransomware. Small to big-sized business also get infected which leads to several issues that affect them. According to data from Juniper Research, “the average cost of a data breach will exceed $150 million by 2020 and by 2019, cyber crime will cost businesses over $2 trillion – a four-fold increase from 2015.” Because of this rise in incidence, businesses and individuals need to protect against ransomware.

When the ransomware attacks businesses, the infected data could be lost either permanently or temporarily. The whole operation of the business are disrupted. There will be financial losses incurred to retrieve systems and files. Lastly, the ransomware victim could lose potential customers. These are the things that could happen to an organization if they didn’t give importance to protect against ransomware.

Protect Against Ransomware

What Ransomware Can Do

Encrypts Important Data

All customers need to protect against ransomware because it can encrypt your valuable data in the computer. It is also capable to encrypt all kinds of file format in your computer. The ransomware is using a military-grade encryption techniques-making it difficult to decrypt the files.

Disarrange File Names

If you don’t know how to protect against ransomware, you might end up being a victim. The ransomware can disarrange your file names to make it difficult to identify which files are infected by the ransomware.

Modify Extension Files

You need to protect against ransomware to avoid it from modifying your extension files. This is one of the ways ransomware tricks its victims. When you have identified some of your files have different extension files, there is might already be ransomware infection.

Threaten You With A Ransom Message

If you do not want to threaten and be stressed by a ransom message, you need to protect against ransomware. This is the last part of the behaviors of a ransomware. After it gets your data and encrypts them, it will give a notification in a form of a ransom message. It tells you to immediately pay the ransom fee or else all your data will be lost.

Demand You To Pay In Bitcoin

The trend today of the cyber-criminals is to ask the victim to pay in Bitcoins. This is their way of hiding themselves against the authorities. If you fail to protect against ransomware and end up being a victim, you will have to pay the ransom using Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Convert Your PC Into Botnets

Ransomware is capable of making your computer part of a Botnets. This botnet is a compilation of all internet-connected devices, it could be a PC, a server, or a mobile device that are infected by the ransomware. They use the combined power of all botnets to launch more attacks, that is why all users must protect against ransomware.

Infect Other Computers In The Local Network

Once the ransomware is done in infecting your computer, the next step is to spread the malware to other computers connected to the local network. If they fail to protect against ransomware, they have a big chance to be infected too-turning all computers locked by the cyber-criminals.

Get Your Important Data

You really need to protect against ransomware because it is capable of extracting all your important data on a computer. If you don’t want to compromise the secrecy of a certain file on your computer, you really need protection against ransomware.

There are several ways on how to protect against ransomware. Check the steps provided in order to save your day.

Protect Your Network

When you want to protect against ransomware, all computers must have a security software suite-like Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. When it is installed to all endpoints, all computers on your local network will be highly protected.

Careful in Opening Emails

One of the methods of a ransomware to spread its infection is through email. If you want to avoid being a ransomware victim, you need to protect against ransomware by carefully handling your emails. If you received an email coming from an unknown sender, don’t open it and its attachments. When you open a suspicious email that contains ransomware, it might easily infect your computer because it could have scripts that automatically enter your computer.

Update OS and Other Applications

Another way to protect against ransomware is by updating your system regularly. Most of the OS manufacturer releases a regular update that makes your system more secure. It would be better if your security suite can do the system update. This will save you time. If you install the Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection, it could also do the update for you.

Review Folder Permissions

A better way to protect against ransomware is by changing your folder permissions. Avoid giving administrative rights to edit your important folders-including system folders to avoid the ransomware from encrypting your data.

Training Proper

The last step in making your system secured is by having a training proper on all the users. Being informed is a great way on how to protect against ransomware. This will prevent you ending up  a victim of these ransomware attacks.

The data in any business is critical for its productivity and operations. Everybody must learn how to protect against ransomware in order to put all things in proper. Investing in a security suite like Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection will be a great asset for the company. Try it now and download a copy!

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