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The anti malware removal tool protects your computer against varieties of cyber threats. It keeps your computer malware free.
Without an anti malware removal tool installed on the computer, you might be at risk of the following:

Data Loss

Ransomware is malware that encrypts valuable files. It targets docs, text, PDF, mp4, and other types of files. It demands a ransom later that ranges from a hundred to a thousand dollars. But it could be bigger than that. A ransomware attack guarantees data loss because not all hackers provide the decryption key when the ransom is paid. The CyberEdge Group said that only 19% of the ransomware victims successfully recovered their files after paying the ransom

The types of cryptosystem that hackers applied on ransomware are what make ransomware almost undecryptable and a factor. Ransomware uses AES and RSA. These are the cryptosystems that most intelligence agencies use to prevent data theft. If you have anti malware software or an anti malware removal tool on the computer, data loss will be prevented.

Best Anti Malware Removal Tool

Fileless Malware

Fileless malware is one of the cyber threats that is difficult to detect. Because it’s not dependent on an executable, fileless malware can load in the computer memory when the user falls victim to a social engineering attack. Once it infects the computer, fileless malware operates directly from the computer’s memory. Since the temporary data that are stored in the computer memory get deleted when the computer restarts, the fileless malware trace gets deleted too. That makes fileless malware almost impossible to detect. You need advanced anti malware software or an anti malware removal tool to prevent fileless from ever reaching the computer memory. Fileless malware infections are also difficult to remove.

Data Theft

Spyware is malware that steals personal information. Some types of spyware are keylogger, adware, and botnet worm. These spyware record your personal information by monitoring your activities secretly in the background. Browser hijacker, another type of spyware, records your browsing history. The information collected is sold to advertising companies so they can display appropriate ads on your browser. One of the devastating results of data theft is unauthorized transactions. A hacker can use your personal details for online transactions. To prevent this unwanted incident, install reputable anti malware software or an anti malware removal tool on your computer.

Zombie Computer

When a computer turns into a zombie computer, it becomes a hacker’s tool for conducting malware attacks. The victim usually has no idea that the computer is used for committing cyber attacks on the Internet. It starts with infecting the computer with a botnet worm. It’s the botnet worm that receives commands from the C&C server. To detect a botnet worm infection on the computer, you need a good anti malware removal tool.


In downloading and installing an anti malware removal tool, it is important to go for efficient anti malware software. There are many free anti malware software available for download. But you have to make a good choice to prevent the risk of cyber attacks.

For a personal computer, Xcitium Anti Malware is an effective anti malware removal tool. It uses advanced malware detection tools to protect you from spyware, keyloggers, trojans, rootkit, and more! Download it for free.

For a business network, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is an advanced anti malware removal tool for endpoint devices. A business network requires comprehensive protection because a small breach can interrupt the business operation.

XcitiumAdvanced Endpoint Protection is designed primarily against advanced cyber attacks. It protects your business network from:

Ransomware Attacks

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection has an Auto-Containment that detects ransomware quickly. Ransomware can get past an antivirus, but it can never bypass the Auto-Containment. Once it is held in the virtual container, it is destroyed immediately. The Auto-Containment can also detect drive-by-downloads or malicious installations that happen behind the background.

Fileless Malware Attacks

To prevent fileless malware attacks, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is prepared with HIPS. The Host Intrusion Prevention System protects the computer memory and registry from unauthorized modifications. It detects sophisticated cyber threats that can get past the first line of defense.

Zero-Day Malware

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection never leaves your computer vulnerable to malware attacks. Its sandbox technology is built upon Default Deny to auto-contain any untrusted file that reaches the endpoint devices. It renders zero-day threats useless.

Even if malware attacks are rampant worldwide, you can keep your business network and endpoint devices secure. Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection to stay safe from malware attacks.


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