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Would you like to know if there’s a hidden keylogger on your computer? You need to install a keylogger finder.

Keylogger Finder


A keylogger finder is an application designed specifically to detect and remove a keylogger from the computer. It scans different folders to find a hidden keylogger in the hard drive.

A keylogger is stealthy. It runs silently in the background, making it difficult to detect. You need a good keylogger detector to find it.


1. Monitors the Keyboard

A keylogger finder detects a keylogger by monitoring the keyboard. It monitors the applications which attempt to gain direct access to the keyboard. If the application appears suspicious it is blocked from accessing the keyboard. A keylogger gains direct access to the keyboard once it is installed to intercept keystrokes.

2. Scans Hard Drive

A keylogger finder also scans the file system to detect a keylogger. Keylogger hides in different folders in the hard drive. It pretends as a genuine application. But a keylogger detector should be able to identify it by scanning all the applications in the hard drive.

3. Scans Signature

A keylogger finder collects and scans a file signature to determine if it is a threat. Every file contains a signature that helps identify if it is malicious or safe. If a keylogger finder determines that the signature belongs to a keylogger, it is blocked from the computer.

4. Monitors Behavioral Patterns

A keylogger finder also monitors the behavior of a suspicious file. If it presents a valid signature but its behavioral patterns seem harmful, a keylogger finder contains it. Inside the sandbox, if a file continues to display harmful behaviors, it is deleted from the computer.


You can download a keylogger detector for your mobile device, personal computer, or endpoint devices.

Mobile Device

There’s a keylogger finder specifically designed for mobile devices. If you want to protect your mobile device from keyloggers, install a trusted anti keylogger. It prevents keyloggers from accessing your chat history, call logs, online searches, and browsing activities. Hackers also target mobile devices because they are used for making online transactions. Sometimes, suspicious people install a keylogger on their partners’ smartphones to see if they are cheating. You can protect your personal information and conversation with a keylogger finder.

Personal Computer

You can also install a keylogger finder on your personal computer to keep your data safe. Hackers particularly target personal computers because they contain important files and credentials. A keylogger finder can detect a keylogger concealed behind a fake email, fake software, and infected URL. Those are the common methods in installing a keylogger on random computers.

Endpoint Devices

There’s also a keylogger finder specifically designed for endpoint devices. It scans endpoint devices using a single console. This type of keylogger finder has endpoint protection. It is essential in organizations because it prevents data breaches.


Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is an anti malware software with endpoint protection. If you want to protect your business network and endpoint devices against different types of keyloggers and malware, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is recommended.

Keyboard Monitoring

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents keyloggers on endpoint devices by constantly monitoring the keyboard. It deploys the Host Intrusion Prevention System to detect sophisticated keyloggers.

The Host Intrusion Prevention System also prevents fileless malware. It monitors computer memory and registry against malicious modifications.

Hard Drive Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection protects the hard drive from direct access. It prevents malicious files from accessing the hard drive by containing any unknown file in a virtual container.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is built on Default Deny. It contains untrusted files when they enter the computer. Then the file is monitored within the sandbox to determine if it is a virus or legitimate. If it is safe, it is allowed. But it is harmful, it is denied.

Packet Filtering

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents inbound and outbound threats by filtering network traffic. Based on the rule you set, you can allow and block traffic to your network. This prevents unwanted traffic from interrupting your web server, network, or infrastructure.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a reputable security solution that can protect your network against varieties of cyber attacks.


A keylogger finder is essential on mobile devices, personal computers, and endpoint devices to prevent a keylogger attack. Install a trusted keylogger find today to protect your personal information from hackers.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today or contact us to get a live demo.



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