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Keylogger software for PC is an application that tracks and records keystrokes on a computer. If used properly, keylogger software for PC can do great work, so it is really no surprise that many users use free keylogger software.

Keylogger Software for PC


1. Employee Monitoring

In some workplaces, keylogger software for PC is used for employee monitoring. Watching over employee activities can be a difficult task, particularly at companies with a large number of employees. For that reason, some employers install keylogger software for PC.

Employee monitoring is not necessarily illegal if it is done for business purposes. Some employees may get involved in data theft, and tracking the person involved is easier with keylogger software for PC.

Also, some employees may inappropriately use the company’s resources by downloading large files on the internet or spending time on social media. Keylogger software for PC allows employers to see if their employees are taking their jobs seriously.

2. Children Monitoring

Parents who worry about their children’s safety online can use keylogger software for PC to monitor their children’s online activities. Free keylogger software can be installed on mobile devices too.

Some people can pretend to be someone else in order to deceive kids. For this particular situation, keylogger software for PC is extremely helpful. By being able to read your children’s chat threads, online searches, and call logs, you can prevent them from getting into dangerous situations.

3. Spouse Monitoring

Suspicious spouses can also take advantage of keylogger software for PC, as it is a great accomplice for stealing personal conversations without being exposed.

Spouses who doubt their partner’s fidelity can install a keylogger on their partner’s devices. The data can be retrieved via email anytime.

4. Data Theft

More often than not, however, keylogger software for PC is used for data theft. Due to a keylogger’s ability to record keystrokes, hackers use it for stealing personal information.

Hackers conceal keylogger software for PC behind deceptive ads, software, and emails in order to install it on random computers. Users without anti malware software on their computer may inadvertently install a keylogger.

Once a keylogger for PC is installed successfully, it lies in the path that the keys entered on the keyboard go through in the operating system. Basically, by monitoring this path, keylogger software for PC can intercept keystrokes before they reach the application.

The disadvantage of a keylogger is that if it falls into the wrong hands, it becomes a potent tool for data theft. Monetary gain is one of the primary reasons for deploying keylogger software for PC.

The user’s information can be used to make unauthorized fund transfers. Hackers can also use a keylogger to extort money from large organizations by threatening to expose sensitive information.


To outsmart hackers, you need to take effective preventive measures. For example, you can enable two-step verification to prevent hackers from accessing your account, since they will not have the pin code sent to your mobile number.

You may also install key encryption software to encrypt the keystrokes on your computer. Because a keystroke logging attack can proliferate, a tool specifically created to conceal keystrokes was created. Key encryption software conceals keystrokes behind random characters.

A password manager is also an effective tool at preventing keylogger software for PC from stealing personal information. Through a password manager, you can log into your account without typing your username and password yourself, as it automatically fills out the information on the website. It can also help you generate strong passwords to avoid falling victim to a brute force attack.

Most importantly, you can install anti malware software on your computer. Anti malware software is the best tool against keyloggers and other malicious software. Keylogger software for PC is not the only data-stealing malware available on the internet. There are also trojans and spyware. Getting infected with any malware will result in data breaches and identity theft. Installing anti malware software on the computer is essential.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection

For a business network with endpoint devices, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is ideal. It has a Host Intrusion Prevention System that protects the keyboard from different types of keyloggers.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents data breaches by constantly monitoring the keyboard. Not only that, but it also monitors the computer memory, registry, and computer disk to prevent sophisticated keyloggers from loading and executing directly from the computer memory.

Built upon a default deny security, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection can prevent keyloggers before they even reach your endpoint devices.


Depending on the person’s intent, keylogger software for PC can be a dangerous or a useful tool. Nevertheless, it’s still wise to install anti malware software to prevent malicious keyloggers from getting onto your computer.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today to protect yourself.

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