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Detecting a keylogger on the computer can be difficult because it runs silently in the background. But there are different keystroke detection methods you can try to find a hidden keylogger on your PC.

Enterprise Xcitium Keystroke Detection


Method no. 1 – Check Programs and Features

One way to detect a keylogger on your computer is by checking Programs and Features. You see all the applications installed on your computer in Programs and Features. If a keylogger gets installed by fake software, a malicious website, or spam, you will see it there. So how do you check Programs and Features?

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Select Programs and Features
  4. Check for any suspicious file in the list of applications
  5. If the file is unfamiliar and unnecessary, you can uninstall it
  6. Right click on it then click on remove
  7. Exit without restarting the PC

That’s how to detect and uninstall a keylogger in Programs and Features.

Method no. 2 – Task Manager

Another good keystroke detection method is checking Task Manager. You can see any suspicious file running on your computer in Task Manager. Even if a keylogger is working silently in the background, you should be able to see it in the list of active applications.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
  2. Click on the Processes tab
  3. Check for any suspicious program *an application without a verified publisher
  4. Click on it then click on End Process at the bottom

That should have stopped a keylogger from recording keystrokes.

Method no. 3 – Clearing Temp Files

Clearing temporary files is not necessarily a keystroke logger detection method, but it’ll get rid of a keylogger or malware from the computer. Malware typically hides in the Temp folder once it infects the computer. Identifying a keylogger in the Temp folder is difficult because it contains a bunch of files. Clearing the contents is recommended.

  1. Type %temp% in the Windows search bar
  2. Once the TEMP folder is open, delete all the files
  3. Empty recycle bin too to ensure that a keylogger or malware is completely deleted from the computer

Method no. 4 – Install an Anti Keylogger

An anti keylogger is any software specifically designed to detect and block different types of keyloggers from the computer. Scanning the computer with an anti keylogger is the best keystroke logger detection method.

Click here to check out the best malware removal tools. The anti malware software scans the computer not only for a keylogger but also for different types of malware. Just download the anti malware software and install it on your computer. You can then run a full malware scan. Once the malware scanning process is finished, restart the computer. That should have removed a hidden keylogger or malware from your computer.


A tool that will help you scan multiple endpoint devices remotely is an endpoint security software. Using a central security agent, you can scan your endpoint devices simultaneously. Endpoint security software allows you to manage your network and endpoint devices remotely.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a trusted endpoint security software that prevents varieties of cyber threats and attacks. Just download and install the security software and you can start scanning your endpoint devices for keyloggers and malware.


Signature-Based Detection and Behavioral Monitoring

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection combines signature-based detection and behavioral monitoring techniques to detect and block malware. If the file presents a valid signature but it shows a harmful behavior on the computer, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection deploys advanced behavioral monitoring to determine if the file is malicious. If a sophisticated type of keylogger evades signature-based detection, it will still be detected using behavioral analysis.

Host Intrusion Prevention System

The Host Intrusion Prevention System is an advanced security feature that deals with different types of keyloggers and fileless malware. It constantly monitors the keyboard against direct access. If a keylogger attempts to access the keyboard, it will be detected and denied.

The Host Intrusion Prevention System also monitors computer memory and registry against malicious modifications. Fileless malware attempts to access these critical parts of the computer to remain invisible in the file system. But Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents malicious applications from gaining access to them.

Packet Filtering

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also detects incoming threats by filtering network traffic. It protects the entire network and endpoint devices against inbound and outbound threats. It also monitors data transmission on endpoint devices to prevent phishing attacks.

Keystroke detection software: Keystroke Detection Conclusion

A keylogger is a stealthy malware that steals confidential information. Scanning the endpoint devices with Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is an effective keystroke logger detection method.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today to detect hidden keyloggers on your endpoint devices. Or contact us to get a live demo.


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