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Malware Antivirus for PCAnti malware antivirus for PC keeps your computer safe by detecting the source of malware, thus prevents threats from ever reaching the computer.

If you are looking a good anti malware antivirus for PC, check out if it provides:

Spear Phishing Protection

Spear Phishing is the primary cause of malware infections. In 2018, CSO reported that most malware were distributed by phishing emails. Hackers use phishing emails to infect personal computers and endpoint devices with malware. Using a threatening or interesting subject line, hackers trick users into opening the email. This technique is also known as social engineering. It deceives users into installing malware by concealing it behind a phishing email, fake software, and phishing URL. To detect and prevent spear phishing, a good anti malware antivirus for PC with spear phishing protection is essential. This prevents you from falling victim to spear phishing attacks. The anti malware antivirus for PC will notify you that email contains a malicious attachment.

Drive-by-Downloads Prevention

A drive-by-download install malware secretly. Once it goes through the computer, it installs malware in the background. A drive-by-download is also one of the leading causes of malware infections. Users can just visit an infected website, then malware gets installed already. Because the installation occurs in the background, it is difficult to detect. A good anti malware antivirus for PC can detect drive-by-downloads. The malicious software is contained and destroyed in a sandbox before it even reaches the computer. If the anti malware antivirus for PC lacks drive-by-download detection, you are at risk of drive-by-download attacks.

Fileless Malware Defense

Fileless malware is a sophisticated malware that needs not an executable file to infect the computer. Traditional malware requires an executable file to accomplish its goal. Fileless malware loads direct on the computer memory. Because it operates directly from the RAM, fileless malware leaves no trace of its installation. The computer memory is the temporary storage of data. Basically, the data get deleted when the computer restarts. So the fileless malware scripts written in the RAM disappear when Windows shuts down. A fileless malware infection can lie undetected for a long time. You need a good anti malware antivirus for PC to detect and remove it from the computer.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a dangerous malware that threatens consumers and companies. It encrypts files and demands an expensive ransom. If the victim refuses to pay the ransom, the files get deleted after every hour. Many have already fallen victim to ransomware attacks. CSO reported that a company lost $5M to an average ransomware attack. Ransomware is stealthier and harder to decrypt now. So choose an anti malware antivirus for PC with the best ransomware protection. If ransomware hits your computer, it may cost you your valuable files and money.

For complete malware protection for your personal computer, try Xcitium Anti Malware. It is effective and lightweight. It doesn’t slow down your PC unlike the other anti malware antivirus for PC. Download it now for free to protect your PC from trojan, ransomware, spyware, keylogger, rootkit, and more!

For advanced protection for a business network, we recommend Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. A business network provides Internet access to endpoint devices. Endpoint devices may fall victim to malware attacks due to several factors such as human error, weak passwords, spear phishing, and more. That’s why endpoint protection is necessary.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is central security software that provides complete malware protection on the network and endpoint devices.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection protects the network and endpoint devices from:

Ransomware Attacks

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection has a sandbox-based technology that is built on Default Deny. It detects ransomware and any untrusted software in no time. It leaves no room for ransomware infections.

Fileless Malware Attacks

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also provides comprehensive protection against fileless malware. It monitors the computer memory and registry. It only allows legitimate software to write scripts in the memory and modify registry keys. It also ensures that the keyboard is safe from keyloggers.

Spear Phishing

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also protects endpoint devices from spear phishing. It detects malicious emails in no time. In an instance that the user opens the email, the malicious email attachment is contained and destroyed in the auto-containment.

Drive-by-Download Attacks

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also detects and prevents malicious installation in the background. The active applications on endpoint devices are constantly to detect malicious activity in an instant.

The business network and endpoint devices are important in an organization. It only takes a small breach to get them hacked. Protect your network and endpoint devices now with a reputable anti malware software. Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. You can also contact us for a live demo.


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