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A remote keylogger is a stealthy software that enables hackers to monitor target computers remotely. What makes a remote keylogger a serious threat is its ability to steal personal information by monitoring the computer silently in the background.

Enterprise Xcitium Remote Keylogger


Intercepts Keystrokes

A remote keylogger intercepts keystrokes by monitoring the path the characters pass through when you type. The keys you type go through a path to reach the application. A remote keylogger positions itself on this path to track and record keystrokes. The information is saved on the software for retrieval.

Remote keyloggers pose a potential threat to online security by capturing keystrokes and sensitive information. However, online casinos take robust measures to prevent the risks associated with these malicious tools. Online casinos including 5 euro deposit casino prioritize the protection of players’ personal and financial data. To counteract the threat of remote keyloggers, advanced encryption technologies are implemented. These security measures ensure that all communication between players and the online casino platform remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Moreover, online casinos regularly update their security protocols to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. By employing state-of-the-art firewalls and anti-malware software, they create a fortified digital environment that actively detects and mitigates potential risks, including remote keyloggers.

Captures Screenshots

A remote keylogger can not just capture keystrokes, but it can also capture screenshots to steal personal information. This beats the copy and paste technique to prevent keystrokes from getting captured. It allows the hacker to read whatever you type on the screen.

Manipulates Mic

A remote keylogger can also turn on the microphone to record conversations. This enables the hacker to listen to your personal conversation that includes video calls and voice chats.

Transmits Data Remotely

A remote keylogger transmits the information to a remote server. A hacker can retrieve data anytime. This includes everything you type and the details of your computer activities, enabling the hacker to monitor your computer without having to physically access it.


Once it’s carried out its goal, a remote keylogger can auto uninstall, leaving no trace of its installation and malicious activities. So a user might not have a knowledge that his/her computer has had a remote keylogger infection.

Indeed, a remote keylogger is stealthy and could be difficult to detect. But there are ways to prevent it from your computer.

Just as remote keyloggers can leave behind minimal traces, online casinos offer players plenty of options without leaving the comfort of their homes. Online casino bonuses and promotions give players added benefits, and their variety of games includes poker, mini roulette online, blackjack, slots and more to cater to different gaming preferences. Both detecting a remote keylogger and playing in an online casino require caution and security measures.


Use a URL Scanner

Hackers use phishing URLs to infect computers with a remote keylogger. That’s how to install keylogger remotely. One effective way to prevent a keylogger from infecting the computer is by using a URL scanner. Just copy and paste the link into the URL scanner. It will scan the reputation of the website to verify if it’s safe or malicious. You can use Xcitium Website Inspector or VirusTotal to scan any URL.

Install Patch Management

A remote keylogger can exploit system vulnerabilities to infect a computer. It can exploit an outdated web browser plug-in or software. That’s another way on how to install keylogger remotely.

To get the most recent update for your operating system, you’ll be able use fix management. It automatically finds and installs software updates from trusted vendors. So you don’t need to worry about updating your software. Patch management does the job.

Install Anti Malware Software

If there’s an effective tool that can prevent a remote keylogger from entering the computer, it’s the anti malware software. It is designed specifically to detect and block varieties of malware such as a remote keylogger. It also detects spear phishing, fake software, and phishing URL. Just look for a trusted anti malware software and install it on your computer. Then you can do a full malware scan to detect and remove a keylogger from your computer.


Endpoint devices are susceptible to a remote keylogger attack. They can catch a remote keylogger by spear phishing, drive-by-downloads, and fake software. To protect endpoint devices from a remote keylogger, you need anti malware software with endpoint protection. Endpoint protection monitors the business network and endpoint devices using a central server.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a trusted security solution that prevents varieties of malware attacks.

Xcitium AEP Prevents Data Breach

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents data breach by filtering network traffic and data transmission. It also equipped with a Host Intrusion Prevention System that deals with a remote keylogger. It constantly monitors keyboard and hard drive against direct access.

Built upon a Default Deny technology, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents any unknown file from accessing the file system. It can easily detect and block data-stealing malware on endpoint devices.

Xcitium AEP Prevents Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware remains one of the biggest threats to consumer and companies. It can render valuable files useless until the victims pay the ransom. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents ransomware infections. The Auto-Containment is an advanced security feature that can detect and block ransomware in no time. Ransomware is contained and destroyed within a virtual container.

Xcitium AEP Renders Zero-Day Malware Useless

Zero-day malware scans business networks for unknown vulnerabilities. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents zero-day malware on endpoint devices by constantly monitoring them for potential threats. It allows you to manage all the possible entry points of malware to keep your business network secure.

Personal computers and endpoint devices are both susceptible to a remote keylogger. But a reputable anti malware software can help you avoid falling victim to keylogger attacks.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today or contact us to get a live demo.


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