Network Vulnerability Scanning

21 Oct, 2022 368 Views
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PCI Network Vulnerability Scanning

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What is Network Vulnerability Scanning: Network Scanning validates PCI Compliance

Xcitium’s HackerGuardian Network Scanning tool is used to identify vulnerabilities in a network that can be potentially exploited by an outside party. Externally facing IPs are scanned by Xcitium for known vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a malicious third-party to compromise the security of a network. Xcitium is an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) that can validate quarterly PCI Compliance, centrally manage all scanning needs, and is scalable for large scanning requirements.

Customizable scan configuration has over 60 user definable parameters

In depth reports pinpoint vulnerabilities and contain advice and links to help patch security holes

PCI enabled scanning allows you to validate quarterly compliance

Track scanning results with high-level reports

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Network Vulnerability Scanning: Why Xcitium Scanning?

We understand the unique challenges of managing compliance over a large organization. That’s why all our compliance solutions are designed to be scalable and centrally managed. Xcitium brings unique expertise to compliance as a full service security provider with the widest breadth of products in the industry.

Wireless Network Vulnerability Scanning: More about Xcitium Hackerguardian PCI Compliance

Customizable scan configuration
Take control of the scanning tool by configuring scans to your exact specifications. Narrow down the scope of a scan to test for any specific vulnerabilities covered by over 24,000 plug-ins.


In depth reports pinpoint vulnerabilities
Detailed vulnerability reports provide clarification and mitigation plans for addressing security holes identified.


PCI enabled scanning allows you to validate quarterly compliance
As required by the Credit Card Associations, merchants must validate their
PCI compliance by performing a quarterly vulnerability scan. Xcitium, an Approved Scanning Vendor, is recognized by the PCI council to perform these scans and provide documentation that is given to the acquirer as proof of validation.


Track scanning results with high-level reports
Manage the overall scanning situation with high-level dashboards that help you track your exposure over time. Discover your top 5 network vulnerabilities and identify weak areas that require immediate attention.


What is vulnerability scanning in cyber security: Next Steps in PCI Compliance

For enterprise pricing on PCI Scanning, please contact us. You may also
download our whitepaper on HackerGuardian PCI Scanning. If you are interested in purchasing at retail pricing, please visit.

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