Internet Security Software for Governments Securing Governmental IT Assets and Information Has Never Been More Critical

21 Oct, 2022 312 Views
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Meet critical security mandates as well as every day security needs on-budget and on-schedule.

Information and infrastructure security is on the front-lines of today’s national security campaign and an important priority for governmental agencies. Securing these vital assets has never been more important, or challenging.


Xcitium offers a protection landscape for government utilizing ultra-secure PKI technology that can be easily deployed and managed, for a range of applications to counter a deteriorating threat landscape efficiently and cost-effectively.


Solutions for Government

Digital Certificates/SSL and Certificate Management

Data encryption and site authentication for virtually any governmental environment or application. Includes individual user S/MIME certificates for secure messaging, server, or information access, extended Validation (EV) SSL offering the highest levels of website identity assurance and UC Certificates for Microsoft Exchange environments, among many others.

Endpoint Security

Xcitium offer a range of centrally managed solutions that can help governmental organizations slash licensing fee expenditure, raise overall security and reduce desk-side support visits.

Compliance and Monitoring

Compliance frequently involves taking proactive steps to counter security threats. Monitoring Internet-connected resources for vulnerabilities is a widely recognized best practice as well as a growing compliance requirement. Additionally, Xcitium is a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) that financial institutions use to help their customers achieve PCI compliance.

Mobile Device Management

Xcitium’s low cost, user based licensing allows government organizations to simplify overall management and slash lifetime deployment costs while managing its fleet of mobile devices.

Next Steps

Speak with a Xcitium expert to share your security challenges and benefit from our experience.

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