What Is A Malware Program?

21 Oct, 2022 358 Views
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“Malware” is the general term for a group of malicious programs like viruses, Trojans, adware, ransomware, spyware, worms, and other malicious programs that affect digital devices like computers and smartphones.

What Is A Malware ProgramMalware refers to any malicious software which you didn’t intend to have on your computer system. As with human diseases, symptoms of malware may or may not be visible to the user.
Majority of malware programs are created to make money illegally, often by stealing sensitive and confidential information from victims’ computers and mobile devices.

Malware can slow down your computer, steal your private banking information and passwords, distribute spam, attack other computers in the same network, or wreak havoc on your machine while spreading to devices.

Malware Program: Ways By Which Malware Infects Your Computer:

  • Through phishing emails which contain malicious email attachments.
  • Through the malicious files and software downloaded from suspicious websites.
  • Through malicious content in instant messaging platforms similar to email attachments.
  • Sharing files with infected devices is another way of exposing your computer to¬†malware threats.

Malware can also spread through pirated software. In a majority of the cases, pirated software seems to be legitimate for unwary users who then downloads them. But once the malware enters the victim’s computer, they can wreak havoc on their computer. From stealing private information like credit card details to disrupting computer operations, damages caused by malware attacks can be manifold.

What Is A Malware: What Does Malware Do?

If your computer has malware, you have probably fallen for some type of internet scam. Hackers use malware for activities like cyber-vandalism, cyber espionage, hacktivism, cyber warfare and various other reasons.

Malware can do a lot of things such as stealing the sensitive data stored on your computer, holding your computer system as a hostage and demanding money, secretly gathering confidential information about your internet activity and keystrokes, etc.

What Is A Program: How to Protect Your Devices Against Malware?

The best way to protect your system or other devices from malware is to keep your operating system clean and up-to-date by downloading regular security patches and updates. It is advisable to have a reputable antivirus program on your computer.

For organizations, we require a security solution that gives all-around protection to all devices including mobile devices. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Security (AEP) is such a solution that can pay attention to all your endpoints. Xcitium AEP can quickly identify and eliminate malicious software across endpoints.

With built-in containment engine and ‘Default Deny’ platform, Xcitium AEP provides complete protection against any malware attacks including zero-day attacks. Try Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection¬†today!

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