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What is the trojan virus? A trojan virus, commonly known as a trojan horse, is a type of malware that disguises itself as legitimate software to conceal its malicious intent.

A trojan horse is often mistaken as a virus. In the next section, we’ll discuss the trojan virus misconception to better understand the difference between a virus and a trojan horse. We’ll also discuss how a trojan horse works. You’ll get a clear idea of what is the trojan virus by the end of this article.

What Is the Trojan Virus


A trojan horse is malicious software that pretends to be a genuine file. It may seem harmless, but a trojan horse can potentially damage the computer. A trojan horse is incapable of self-replication, but it can install other types of malware, making it dangerous.

A virus is another type of malware that self-replicates. Many users mistake a trojan horse for a virus. But a virus is just another type of malicious software that falls under the term malware. It attaches itself to an executable file to replicate until it corrupts the entire system. That’s the difference between a trojan horse and a virus.


Now that we know what is the trojan virus, we’ll discuss how it works.

Creates Backdoor Access

A hacker will know what is the trojan virus. It serves as the doorway of a hacker to the victim’s computer. It alters the security setting of the computer to bypass normal authentication, then it creates a backdoor.

Through this backdoor access, the hacker can take control of the computer without the user’s knowledge. They can use it for storage of malicious applications that they can access at any time. The hacker can also use the computer to spread malware and conduct a malware attack. These malicious activities occur silently in the background.

Installs Dangerous Malware

A trojan horse can also install dangerous malware, such as ransomware, rootkits, keyloggers, and spyware. Because it can conceal its malicious nature, a trojan horse is often bundled with such malware. That’s why when learning what is the trojan virus, it is sometimes referred to as a toolkit for installing different types of malware.

Conceals Malicious Activities

An advanced type of trojan horse can conceal malicious activities on the computer to evade detection. A trojan horse can do this because hackers program it with rootkit functionalities. Remember that part of what is the trojan virus is that it can be invisible in the file system because it functions from computer memory.

DDoS Attacks

A trojan horse can also be used for conducting DDoS attacks. It is a malware attack designed to interrupt the operation of a server, an IT infrastructure, or a website.

If you know what is the trojan virus, you will also know that it can flood the network with an uncontrollable amount of traffic to shut down a business. This may last from an hour to a month, depending on the severity of the attack.

Steals Financial Information

A trojan can also be used to steal financial information. It exploits a web server vulnerability, then records the financial information. The data is transmitted to the hacker via a remote server. The hacker can then delete, modify, and copy the information of the bank or financial institution.

Those are the common functions of a trojan horse malware. A trojan horse infection is difficult to detect, as it works in the background. However, your computer will give warning signs of a trojan horse malware infection.


  • Strange and stubborn pop-ups.
  • Applications acting up (e.g., opening and closing).
  • Blue screen of death.
  • Unfamiliar plugins on web browsers.
  • Unfamiliar icons on the taskbar.
  • Changed computer setting.
  • Slow computer.
  • Lack of storage.
  • Missing files in the hard drive.

If you notice any of these signs on your computer, consider scanning your computer for a trojan horse. It could be lurking around without your knowledge.

Now that you know what is the trojan virus and its signs, the best way to scan your computer for a trojan horse is by installing a trusted anti-malware software. It will deep scan your computer to detect and remove threats. The anti-malware software is designed to combat threats to keep the computer malware free. Just look for a reputable anti-malware on the internet.


Now that you have a better understanding of what is the trojan virus and how does it work, it is important to protect your devices from a trojan horse with an effective anti-malware software.

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