What Security Software has the Best Defense Against Ransomware

21 Oct, 2022 660 Views
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Ransomware on the rise in 2022

Best Defense Against Ransomware
SophosLabs informed the users that Ransomware Attacks will be common in 2021. More sophisticated targeted ransomware attacks are to be expected this year.

As the years pass, ransomware grows more advanced. We won’t be dealing with ordinary ransomware anymore. The newly developed ransomware has more chances of bypassing even anti malware with the best defense against ransomware because hackers now test their malware attacks against anti malware software to get past it.

This means that more computers and networks could get infected. We know the danger if ransomware infects the computer. One reason we are avoiding it is that we don’t want to lose valuable files. Once ransomware encrypts the files and folder, they can become inaccessible permanently.

A ransomware virus knows what files to target; files that warrant paying the ransom. What’s worse is it spreads fast to the other devices within the local network. That’s why ransomware can take down an entire network and disrupt a business operation.

You’ve likely listened various ransomware assaults on healthcare, banks, and other enormous companies on the news. A few companies paid a thousand dollars to the programmers. The pitiful thing isn’t all those who paid the emancipate recuperated their records.

Paying the ransom doesn’t always guarantee a file recovery. That’s why taking preventive measures is important. Ransomware can hit your computer or network without a warning. Before you know it, important files have been encrypted.

Preventive measures include having a cloud-based backup and installing a security software with the best defense against ransomware. The security software can easily identify the threat and block it. So if the computer and network are protected with security software, ransomware attack is less likely to be successful.

However, it is also important to choose the right security software. Many anti malware claim that they have the best defense against ransomware. But can they really deliver? Before you invest on a security software, evaluate its features and check out its reputation first.

A good anti malware software with the best defense against ransomware is multi-layered with a security system against fileless ransomware. Ransomware today doesn’t require an executable file to run. An infected software or phishing emails simply needs to be opened and ransomware can directly access the computer memory.

Once it writes its script into the RAM, in no time the data files will be encrypted. So to avoid getting your files encrypted by fileless ransomware, carefully examine the features of the security software.

Best Defense Against Ransomware Xcitium Advanced EDR

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a security software developed for advanced protection against varieties of malware such as ransomware. It is a central security solution that protects the network and all the devices connected to the network called the endpoints.

It filters the network traffic through a packet filtering firewall to monitor the data transmission. So inbound and outbound ransomware attacks are instantly detected and blocked. The firewall also monitors the activities of the active applications on the endpoint devices to prevent malicious data transmission since malware is often installed through fake software.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also protects the central core of the operating that fileless ransomware is after. HIPS or Host Intrusion Prevention System constantly guards the registry and computer memory against unauthorized modification. Fileless ransomware directly modifies the registry to evade detection, that’s why Xcitium developed HIPS.

It’s not just the registry and computer memory that HIPS monitors, it also guards the keyboard because there’s another type of malware that hijacks the keyboard to record logins and passwords.

Xcitium’s objective is to deliver zero-day threat so Auto-Containment technology is developed to make it possible. Auto-Containment prevents the execution of an unknown file on the computer. It runs it within a virtual container to verify first if the file is safe.

Its difference from a sandbox technology is it automatically contains an unknown file the moment it enters the computer, unlike a sandbox that allows an untrusted file in the computer then contains it later if it exhibits harmful behavior. That’s what most anti malware software use which puts the computer and network at risk.

Many anti malware software claims that they have the best defense against ransomware but choosing a security software that will be able to defend your computer against advanced ransomware is important.

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