Computer Keystroke Tracking Software
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Computer keystroke tracking software is an application designed to track and record keystrokes. This ability makes it a potent tool for stealing personal and confidential information.



1. Kernel-Based Computer Keystroke Tracking Software

Kernel-based computer keystroke tracking software functions directly from the computer memory. It gains direct access to computer memory once installed, making it difficult to detect.

2. API-Based Computer Keystroke Tracking Software

API-based computer keystroke tracking software attaches the API of the keyboard to it so that can intercept and record each key automatically.

3. Memory-Injection-Based Computer Keystroke Tracking Software

Memory-injection-based computer keystroke tracking software alters critical data on the computer memory to bypass security settings and record keystrokes.

4. Hypervisor-Based Computer Keystroke Tracking Software

Hypervisor-based computer keystroke tracking software runs underneath the operating system to stay hidden. Thus, it is invisible in the file system, but it is active.

5. JavaScript-Based Computer Keystroke Tracking Software

JavaScript-based computer keystroke tracking software can be injected into websites, then identifies a key sound to record characters.

6. Form-Grabbing-Based Computer Keystroke Tracking Software

Form-grabbing-based computer keystroke tracking software steals sensitive information stored on a webpage. It intercepts information during a webpage submission.

Those are the types of computer keystroke tracking software. They can hit your computer and function silently in the background. How can you avoid falling victim to a keystroke logging software attack?


In this section, we’ll discuss the different tools and techniques that can help you avoid falling victim to keystroke logging software


Key Encryption Software

Key encryption software will help you avoid falling victim to keystroke logging software

attacks by concealing the keys you type. Each time you type, the characters travel through the path of the operating system to reach the application.

Key encryption software encrypts the keys with random characters, preventing computer keystroke tracking software from recording the exact keys.

Patch Management

Patch management prevents computer keystroke logging software by patching system vulnerabilities. Computer keystroke tracking software can be injected through system or browser vulnerabilities.

Patch management installs software updates to fix bugs and vulnerabilities that can serve as a point of entry of threats.

Voice Recognition Software

Voice recognition software allows you to log into your account through voice command, preventing computer keystroke tracking software from recording sensitive information.

Computer keystroke tracking software is only capable of recording information when you type them on the keyboard. You can use voice recognition software when you have to enter personal information such as credit card numbers.

2-Step Verification

2-step verification is another layer of security that prevents hackers from accessing your account. Once the computer tracking software transmits the information to the hacker, he can log into your account without your knowledge.

However, if you use 2-step verification for your account, the hacker cannot immediately gain access to your account without the pin code that is sent to your mobile number. By receiving a pin code, you are notified that someone is attempting to access your account threat

Anti Malware Software

Anti malware software prevents computer keystroke tracking software and other types of malware. It works by scanning the file and computer to detect any malicious software. When you download a file, the anti malware software deep scans it to verify if it’s safe or malicious.

Anti malware software is the best tool to avoid falling victim to computer keystroke tracking software attack. It will keep your computer, files, and data safe from varieties of threats.


The approach to protecting personal computers and endpoint devices is different. Regular anti malware software is not enough to monitor multiple endpoint devices. Anti malware with endpoint protection can accomplish that.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a trusted endpoint protection software for enterprises. It prevents varieties of malware such as computer keystroke tracking software.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection monitors the keyboard against direct access. It verifies the reputation of every application that attempts to access the keyboard to prevent a keylogging attack.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is also a great choice to prevent computer keystroke tracking software that can infect computer memory. It constantly monitors computer memory and registry to prevent malicious modifications. With Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection, your endpoint devices are safe from sophisticated malware attacks.

Computer keystroke tracking software is a serious threat and difficult to detect, because of its ability to hide in computer memory. You need a reputable anti malware software to prevent advanced Computer keystroke tracking software.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection now. Or contact us to get a live demo.


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