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Having a malware analysis tools list is a great help in keeping your systems protected against the attacks of malware. You need to properly identify, analyze, and select the right tool you can use among the all of the malware analysis tools list to fight malware and other types of threats found on your network and on the Internet.

With today’s IT landscape expanding more than ever, there are a lot of malicious programs that are launched over the internet to target different victims and be able to harm the systems. This move is often motivated with the intent to earn a lot of money from these threats.

Malware Analysis Tools List

Sophisticated modern malware analysis tools list use artificial intelligence to identify patterns the human analyzers may not see, such as files fastly modified, or the system itself being altered. You must be well-informed and updated with this malware threat to keep your own protection stable.

These malware threats may delete, alter, or replace files and some registry settings of the operating system. If a malicious program already has made these changes, the system could experience damage even if the program is detected. Your malware analysis tools list will help your mitigate these threats and make your system secured. To be able to counter these threat, you must be able to know deeply the characteristics of a malware.

Malware Definition

Malware is a term used to refer to certain harmful software programs like viruses,worms, spyware, adware, ransomware, and many more. Once the malware successfully enter your computer system, it could create a lot of damage to the system. It could take control of the whole system, it could also monitor the entire activity of the system.

If you have the best malware analysis tools list, it could prevent the malware from silently sending all sorts of confidential data from your computer or network to the attacker’s home base.

Having a strong antivirus and a malware analysis tools list would always be helpful because attackers will use several methods to get malware into your computer system. But if not, other option would require for the victim to take an action to install the malware into the system. This includes the clicking of a download link, downloading a malicious file, or opening an attachment that could pretend to be harmless, but actually loaded with lots of malware on the file that remains hidden.

Malware Analysis Tools List

Here is the list of the free malware analysis tool you can use for your malware problem.

It is one of the best malware analysis tools list that can analyze executable files, URLs, and PCAP files. It has also a statistics about the infection and the affected countries. You may send your sample suspicious files anonymously or you may use your google account to scan privately.


It is one of the best malware analysis tools list that can analyze files with 10 different antivirus programs and one of the benefits of this tool is that you can check the result in a matter of minutes.


It is one of the best malware analysis tools list that gives service to Microsoft Office documents offered by a Canadian company. It can also analyze the documents privately and the result can be sent through email.


It is one of the best malware analysis tools list that is an open source malware analysis engine that accepts multiple file types, URLs and hashes.


It is one of the best malware analysis tools list that is an antivirus software vendor that includes a malware analysis service on their site to detect and scan files and URLs. It offers a fast solution and the results are shown in seconds and the website is available in different languages.

FortiGuard Labs

It is one of the best malware analysis tools list that is a part of Fortinet, an American corporation that produces a network security product which includes a malware analysis service on their website.


It is one of the best malware analysis tools list that is one of the many web applications available and used as a virus scanner. It uses three antiviruses and you may scan URL or submit files smaller the 40Mb. The files you have uploaded will be deleted after the analysis process.

Xcitium Valkyrie

It is one of the best malware analysis tools list that is a unique solution. It is a cloud-based, crow source threat intelligence and verdict-driven analysis platform that fully implements a Default Deny architecture and security posture. Try to use it now!

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