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21 Oct, 2022 516 Views
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Data security is an important area of concern for every individual and business owner.  Sometimes there are some important files that I am storing inside the computer. Although I don’t store it for a long period of time due to security concerns. But there are people that store their financial records, personal information, and some critical records. Therefore, if there is also another person that uses my computer, there is a need to scan my computer online regularly to make sure that the system is safe and secured. It is also necessary to know the behavior of a computer virus, this way I would know how to do in case virus intrusions.

Benefits of Using Antivirus

When I have a great performing antivirus solution on my computer, I will be guaranteed that I am protected against various threats which will attack the system and the entire network. Here are some of the benefits when I utilize antivirus on my system.

A virus may cause the computer to slow down including all the machine in the entire network. It is important to have an antivirus and scan my computer online to have a stable network connection.

Other devices in a computer system can also be affected by a virus. All its moving parts may perform slow. The system may also crash due to a heavy load caused by a virus. I can avoid these things to happen if I scan my computer online or scan computers using local antivirus.

When the antivirus solution was able to scan my computer online or scan computers using local antivirus, I will be protected against continuous prompt of error messages that appear regularly.

With the help of antivirus software, I will be protected against some hackers that steal vital information. I will be guaranteed that my system is safe when I scan my computer online.

Through the help of the antivirus, I can prevent any hijacking of my web browser, and redirect me to a malicious website. These things are covered when I scan my computer only,

Methods I Can Use When I Scan Computers

Another important thing to consider is to know the different types of scanning procedures when I scan my computer online or use a locally installed antivirus. Depending on the available time I can consume and depend on the seriousness of the virus problem I encountered. If I believe that the virus is strong, I need to choose the most suited type of scan to be able to detect and clean the virus. Below is the list of the common types of scanning procedures to choose.

I Can Scan My Computer Online Using Smart Scan

If I scan my computer online using the smart scan, it will make a comprehensive scan on the system when I scan computers. It will detect malware, outdated software, browser add-ons with poor reputations, network issues and threats, performance issues, and password that are weak, duplicated or compromised.

I Can Scan My Computer Online Using Full Virus Scan

Another type of scanning to do when I scan my computer online is the full virus scan option. This is a predefined type of scanning. It is also an in-depth scan of my whole system that will check my total storage drives and memory for malware, viruses, and other forms of threats. This is also a great way to scan computers.

I Can Scan My Computer Online Using Targeted Scan

One of the uncommon ways to scan my computer online is the targeted scan method. This is a type of scanning procedure that will scan the folders I select only when I initiate the scan process. This is also a good way to scan computers but not always recommended to do.

I Can Scan My Computer Online Using Boot-Time Scan

A different type of scanning process when I scan my computer online is the boot-time scan. With this type of scanning, it will scan my computer during the next system startup before any malware or virus is launched. Scanning during startup improves the chances of detecting and removing malware before it can counteract. This is the benefit if I set PC to scan using boot-time scan.

I Can Scan My Computer Online Using Custom Scan

Last option I may have when I scan my computer online is the custom scan process. When I scan computers using this process, it will scan my computer according to the parameters that I specified for my scan. This is not that recommended type of scanning when I want to scan computers because Xcitium I might miss some parts on the system that may contain malware or viruses.

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