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21 Oct, 2022 484 Views
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Virus Scan AppCybercriminals specifically program viruses and malware to be notorious and stealthy. If you don’t have a strong virus scan app to scan computers, it can stay on the target computer system for a long period of time without the consent or knowledge of the victim.

The effects of these viruses and malware are harmful for users, and for the companies they attacked, it becomes devastating. If it spread through a network, these threats can cause widespread damage and disruption.

Sources Of Virus Scan App

Sometimes its hard to detect a virus infection especially if you haven’t used a virus scan app to scan computers. These viruses could remain hidden in the system. If it remained undetected, the problem will continue to get worst. Here are some of the most common sources where you can get a virus infection.

Drive-by Downloads

You can get infected with the unintended download of any computer software from the internet. Sometimes, it is intentional and sometimes the user doesn’t know the consequences of the downloads. You can only identify if you were already been infected if you were able to utilize virus scan app to scan computers in the whole network.


You can also get infected through a widespread of the infection in the network. If all of the systems are running on the same operating system and connected to the same network, there is a big chance of spreading of the virus infection throughout the network easily. You can utilize a virus scan app to scan computers in order to help you detect any strains of viruses on your network.


A virus infection can also come from a vulnerability of the software or the operating system. A security defect in any software can be exploited by hackers and can be attacked by a malware or viruses. A software vulnerability could come from a bad design, programming error, or some weak software implementation. It would be better to use a virus scan app online to scan computers and identify the vulnerabilities of your system.


Another possible source of a virus infection is an opening or break left in the software program, hardware, network or system security by design, usually, it is for debugging purposes. A good virus scan app online would help you identify this threat if you scan computers.

List Of Virus Scan App Online Can That Can Help You Stay Protected

Doing a scan computer through the utilization of a virus scan app online is an extraordinary way to keep your systems working and protect against different sorts of threats. Here are a few of the list of virus scan apps online you’ll choose from.

Xcitium Free Online Scanner

Xcitium Free Online Scanner is one of the virus scan app online you can use when you scan computers. It is very effective and it detects the viruses one by one. This tool can immediately get into action and scan the system in progress. By the time it will finish scanning, most of the malware and viruses are all gone.


ThreatExpert is additionally one of the virus scan app online you can utilize when you scan computers. This online scanner allows you to upload a large number of files and will give you an email for the results. You’ll be able to easily track all the task you made through this tool.

ESET Online Scanner

ESET online scanner is one of the virus scan app online you can use when you scan computers because it supports scanning of removable media like USB, the memory, local drives of the PC, and network devices connected. Although, the only browser that is supported by this software is Internet Explorer


VirusTotal is another software that is included in the virus scan app online you can use when you scan computers because it gives you the option to upload a specific file and have it scanned by different antivirus engines. You can also scan an entire page and look for any strains of malware on that page.


Metadefender is one of the virus scan app online you can use when you scan computers because you can upload up to 140MB of files and use 3 different antivirus engines to scan the files at same time. It supports even the compressed files and the common files like the images and documents. It can also scan using IP address and website URL. A result will be given after the scan, and you can easily read and interpret the data.


NoDistribute is included in the virus scan app online you can use when you scan computers because you can utilize over 35 different antivirus engines simultaneously with this. Although, you can upload one file at a time only and 10 files within 24 hours.