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Enterprise Xcitium How to Detect Keystroke Logger
If you suspect that your PC or Android phone has got a keylogger infection, it is important to detect and remove a keylogger immediately before it transmits your personal information to the hacker to prevent unauthorized transactions. So how to detect keystroke logger on the computer and Android phone?


METHODS How To Detect Keystroke Logger ON PC

Method no. 1 – Task Manager

Task Manager is a program that allows you to see the active applications on your PC. If a keylogger is currently running, you will see it in Task Manager. So how to detect keystroke logger in Task Manager?

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
  2. When Task Manager opens, go to the Process tab
  3. Look for any malicious file in the list with a suspicious description
  4. Click on it and end the process

That should have stopped a keylogger from running on the computer. It prevents keyloggers from recording more keystrokes and transmitting the information to the hacker. That is how to detect keystroke logger in Task Manager.

Method no. 2 – Programs and Features

In programs and features, you can go through the list of applications to check if there’s a keylogger installed. So how to detect keystroke logger in Programs and Features?

  1. Click on Start
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Click on Programs and Features
  4. Look for any suspicious program that you didn’t install
  5. Right click on it and remove it

That should have eliminated keyloggers from the computer.

Method no. 3 – Full Malware Scan

You can ensure the protection of your computer from keyloggers by doing a full malware scan. The anti malware software will scan the hard drive folders to identify any malicious software hiding in the computer. So how to do a full malware scan?

  1. First, you need to find a reputable anti malware software
  2. Download the anti malware software and follow the prompts to finish the installation
  3. Once installed, click on the scan on the user interface
  4. The anti malware software will start the full malware scan process
  5. When the malware scanning process is finished, click on remove and exit

That should have eliminated a keylogger from the computer. That is how to detect keystroke logger on the PC using anti malware software.

If you want to scan your Android phone for malware, here’s how to detect keylogger on Android.


Step no. 1 – Check your Files

If you suspect that a keylogger is installed on your Android phone, go through your files and look for any suspicious folders in it. Any application installed on your phone creates a folder on your phone. If you believe that the folder is unimportant, you can delete it.

Some signs of a keylogger infection on Android are:

  1. It restarts by itself
  2. Your phone gets hot
  3. The battery gets fully charged and low easily

Step no. 2 – Application Manager

Another way to detect keyloggers on Android is by checking the application manager. Check the applications installed on your computer. If you download applications outside of the Google Play Store, the chances of you getting a keylogger infection are higher. Some APK apps are infected with malware. The malware installs as part of the application. If you uninstall the application, the malware embedded on it will get deleted too. Check for any unfamiliar application that is consuming a substantial amount of your phone memory. Uninstall it.

Step no. 3 – Antivirus

You can also download an antivirus on your phone to detect a keylogger. The antivirus software scans your phone for malware and removes threats. There is mobile antivirus software available on the Google Play Store. Choose a reputable mobile antivirus that can protect your Android against varieties of threats.

Mobile phones need antivirus too because they are also at risk of malware attacks. Hackers also hack smartphones because they are also used for making online transactions. They can also infect computers by infecting mobile phones first. When the user connects the USB cable to the laptop, the virus on the mobile phone can transfer to the laptop. That’s how malware spread today. So protect your phone with a trusted antivirus.

A keylogger is a serious threat to computers and Android phones. If you suspect that your computer or phone is infected with a keylogger. check them for malware immediately. You can check your devices for malware manually first, then install a reputable antivirus or anti malware software for complete malware protection.

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