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Hackers infect computers and mobile devices with keyloggers to steal personal information. Do you know how hackers install a keylogger? In this article, we’ll discuss how to use keylogger on random computers and what can you do to prevent it.
Enterprise Xcitium How to Install a Keylogger


The following are the four common methods that hackers use how to use a keylogger on computers:

1. How to Install a Keylogger by Spear Phishing

Spear phishing pretends as an important email and it creates a sense of urgency. Usually, spear phishing convinces you to view a funny photo of you. It could also threaten you that you have been involved in illegal activities and you have to provide the information requested by the authority. When you open the email, a keylogger will be installed on the computer.

Spear phishing is the leading cause of malware infections. According to statistics, 92 percent of malware were distributed through spear phishing in 2018. So the chances of you falling victim to a spear phishing attack are higher. That’s how to install a keylogger on the computer. That’s also how to install a keylogger on someone’s phone.

2. How to Install a Keylogger through Drive-by-Download

Another way on how to install a keylogger is through a drive-by-download. This is a malicious software installation that occurs in the background. It is invisible in the file system, making it difficult to detect. Hackers infect websites with keyloggers. When the user visits the website, a keylogger installs without the user’s knowledge. Drive-by-download is one of the leading causes of malware infections. Better take caution with the websites you visit.

3. How to Install a Keylogger using Exploit Kits

Hackers also install keyloggers on IoT devices using exploit kits. These are tools that scan the web browsers for vulnerabilities to inject malware.

Exploit kits have been ineffective in the past. This is because web developers enhance browsers security by continuously patching bugs. However, this 2021, cybersecurity firms predicted that exploit kit authors will develop a unique infrastructure to improve exploit kits. So it is advisable to install updates for your web browsers to prevent an exploit kit attack. That’s how to install a keylogger using exploit kits.

4. How to Install a Keylogger through Fake Software

Hackers also commonly install a keylogger on the computer through fake software. They conceal a keylogger behind deceptive software. Users are tricked that the applications they are installing are safe. They have no idea that a threat to their personal information is embedded in the software. That’s how to install a keylogger today.

Now that we know how to install a keylogger on computers, it is important to learn how to counter these techniques to prevent keyloggers.

So what are the effective ways to prevent keyloggers? Let’s find out here’s:


Install Anti Malware Software

Anti malware software is designed primarily to detect and block malware. If you have anti malware software on your computer, you are assured that you have complete malware protection. The anti malware software deep scans the file you download to prevent fake software. It also regularly scans the hard drive to remove any malware detected. Installing anti malware is essential today as malware infections are rampant. It is better to invest in a reputable anti malware program now to protect your sensitive information from keyloggers.

Avoid Opening Suspicious Emails

If you receive an email from an unknown sender that encourages to act promptly, don’t open it. It could be a phishing email. Most users are unaware of how spear phishing works, that’s why they fall victim to it. So learning about the different malware distribution methods is also important. If you have anti malware software on the computer, spear phishing will be detected. However, it is still better to take caution with opening emails to prevent a keylogger infection.

2-Step Verification

As an extra protection against a keylogger, use a 2-step verification for your accounts. A 2-step verification ensures that only you have access to your personal accounts. It confirms your identity by requiring you to enter the pin code sent to your mobile number. Since only you can access your SMS, hackers can’t hack your account even if he has your username and password. So use a 2-step verification for complete protection from keyloggers.

Xcitium Hackers use different methods to install keyloggers on computers. However, there are ways to prevent them. Taking caution when you go online and installing anti malware are the key to avoid falling victim to a keylogger attack. So invest in a trusted anti malware software today before a keylogger hits your computer.

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