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The keylogger software definition is a data-stealing malware that tracks and records keystrokes. It transmits the information to the hacker through a C&C server. Other cyber security companies’ keylogger software definition is spyware that steals personal information.

Keylogger Software Definition


Keylogger Software

Software keyloggers are applications that must be installed on the computer to work. This is the most common type of keyloggers that hackers spread on the Internet. Software keyloggers install on the computer when the user downloads an infected application. Once installed, it monitors the paths of the operating system that the keys you press on the keyboard have to go through. That’s how software keyloggers track and record keystrokes. Then it transmits the information to the hacker via a remote server.

Keylogger Hardware

Hardware keyloggers work the same way as software keyloggers. Their only difference is hardware keyloggers must be attached to a computer to record keystrokes. To retrieve the information, the hacker needs to download it from the storage device. Retrieving data while hardware keylogger is at work is not possible. The workaround is to make the device accessible via WIFI to obtain data. Some examples of hardware keyloggers are acoustic keylogger and keyboard keylogger.

WHY IS A Keylogger Software Definition A SERIOUS THREAT?

Keyloggers remain a serious threat to consumers and companies. To the computer, a keylogger virus is not a threat, because it cannot cause serious damage. However, to consumers and companies, it can have a devastating effect. When the hacker obtains the personal information, he can use it to his advantage. This commonly results in unauthorized fund transfers and identity theft. That makes keyloggers a serious threat.

So you have to protect yourself from keyloggers. As much as possible, don’t let it ever reach your computer. You have to develop a good browsing habit and most importantly install anti malware software to detect and block a keylogger immediately. Before we go through the effective ways to prevent keyloggers in detail, let’s discuss how keyloggers get into your computer as that gives you a better understanding of how one’s computer gets a keylogger infection.


Hackers use different methods to spread keyloggers, but we’ll discuss the top three methods.

1. Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing is the number one cause of malware infections. Do you know that in 2018, 92% of malware was distributed by malicious emails? That was according to statistics. Apparently, it is not only used to distribute keyloggers, but also the other types of malware. A phishing email target consumers and internal users worldwide. It pretends as a legitimate email from a friend or relative. Once the user opens the email, it installs a keylogger. That’s what spear phishing is.

2. Drive-by-Downloads

Drive-by-download is when keylogger installs on your computer without your knowledge. The common cause of drive-by-downloads is malicious websites. When you visit a malware infected website, it installs malware silently in the background. So avoid visiting untrusted websites.

3. Trojan Horse

Trojan horse is often bundled with keyloggers. It pretends as a genuine program to enter the computer, then it installs a keylogger. A trojan is a tool for installing more malware on the computer.

Being aware of the common malware distribution is the first step to preventing a keylogger infection. Now, how can you ensure complete protection against a keylogger?

WAYS TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM Keylogger Software Definition

2-Step Verification

To protect your account from keyloggers, enable a 2-Step verification. This way, a hacker cannot gain access to your account unless he has the pin code. The pin code is sent to your mobile number. So if someone attempts to access your account without your permission, you’ll know right away.

Install Anti Malware Software

One of the best ways to protect yourself from a keylogger virus is by installing anti malware software. It prevents the entry of varieties of malware. It also protects you from spear phishing, drive-by-downloads, and trojan horse. The anti malware software also scans the file system regularly, so any malware lurking in critical folders will be detected. Just choose a reputable anti malware software, because sophisticated malware can bypass traditional anti malware software.

Use Key Encryption Software

Xcitium If you need to add an additional layer of security against a keystroke recorder, use key encryption software. It encrypts the characters you enter on the keyboard. In this way, prevents keyloggers from logging the exact keys. So even if a keylogger is monitoring the paths the keys travel through, it can only record random characters.

Keylogger is a serious threat because of its ability to steal and transmit personal information. However, it is preventable. If you take caution on the Internet and install anti malware software, you can definitely prevent a keylogger infection.

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