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Anti-malware antivirus software free download is a helpful program that keeps the computer malware free. Today, anti-malware free download is essential because it protects you from increasing malware attacks.

Malware Antivirus Software Free Download


1. Anti-Malware Antivirus Software Free Download Protects You From Ransomware Attacks

When we hear about ransomware attacks, we can imagine files or computers that become inaccessible. A decryption key is needed to unlock the files or computer. Worst, an expensive ransom must be paid to recover the valuable files because the ransomware that hits the computer is undecryptable. Those are just some of the common issues after a ransomware infection.

Many consumers and companies are avoiding a ransomware attack. It costs valuable files and hard-earned money. So how do we deal with ransomware attacks that keep proliferating today? Many anti malware antivirus software free download is available online. Yet, you need to find a trusted anti malware antivirus software free download with the best ransomware protection. The anti-malware antivirus software free download can detect ransomware disguised as fake software. Thus, prevents ransomware from reaching and infecting the file system.

2. Anti-Malware Antivirus Software Free Download Prevents Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is a strategy that involves presenting malware in a good way. Hackers may conceal malware behind fake software, a deceptive URL, or a malicious email. By doing so, hackers trick users that the program they are installing, or opening is safe. To prevent this kind of attack, the computer needs an anti malware antivirus software free download. But not all anti malware antivirus software free download has social engineering detection.

Installing an anti-malware antivirus software free download with social engineering detection is important, because social engineering remains the leading cause of malware infections. Particularly, spear phishing and drive-by-downloads. Look for an anti-malware antivirus software free download equipped with social engineering detection. That prevents you from falling victim to malware infections.

3. Anti-Malware Antivirus Software Free Download Protects you from Fileless Malware

Fileless malware is a sophisticated malware that infects the computer memory. Traditional malware attacks the hard drive and pretends as a legitimate program in different folders. Fileless malware is invisible in the hard drive. You will never see it running in Task Manager either yet is active. Hackers have been using fileless malware as a primary tool to conduct high-profile attacks.

Every computer is at risk of fileless malware attacks. Hackers can use fileless malware to steal your bank account information. Before you know it, a hacker has already made a bank transaction under your name. Look for anti-malware antivirus software free download with fileless malware protection. Just like social engineering detection, not all anti malware antivirus software is equipped with a fileless malware defence system.

What is a Trusted Anti Malware Antivirus Software Free Download that Can Protect you from Dangerous Malware Attacks? Provide H3 Tag

For a personal computer, try Xcitium Anti Malware. It is a reputable anti malware free download that can protect you from varieties of malware attacks. Even if the anti-malware free download is not updated, it can still protect you from the latest threats, because it consists of a cloud-based antivirus. Download it now for free.

For a business network, we recommend Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. It is the first security solution with a Default Deny sandbox technology. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is designed primarily to protect a business network with many endpoint devices. It consists of the following advanced features that combat sophisticated cyber-attacks:

Download Free Antivirus & Virus Scan: Auto-Containment

Auto-Containment is a sandbox-based technology. What is its difference from traditional sandboxing technologies? Its Default Deny security feature. The other sandboxing technologies use Default Allow that leaves the file system vulnerable to malware infections.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection automatically contains and runs an untrusted or unknown file in a virtual container. The file is released if it is safe. It is destroyed if it’s malicious.

The Auto-Containment prevents:

  1. Ransomware attacks
  2. Spear Phishing
  3. Drive-by-Downloads
  4. Zero-day malware

Free Malware Scanner and Removal Tool: Host Intrusion Prevention System

The Host Intrusion Prevention System prevents fileless malware attacks. It monitors computer memory against malicious attacks. It also prevents the registry keys from getting modified without the administrator permission. The Host Intrusion Prevention System also protects the keyboard against direct access. It’s also the one that detects sophisticated malware that gets past the detection of the antivirus and firewall.


The firewall instantly detects inbound and outbound threats because it filters network traffic. It also monitors the active applications on endpoint devices to prevent malicious data transmission.


VirusScope is an advanced behavioural monitoring technology that determines malicious behavioural patterns in no time. It can easily recognize suspicious behaviour in endpoint devices.


Valkyrie is a cloud-based verdict platform that combines static and dynamic analysis to detect malware. It recognizes if a file is malicious in only 40 seconds.

If you choose a trusted anti malware antivirus software free download, you are safe from advanced malware attacks. Save your files and prevent data loss. Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today. You can also contact us for a live demo.


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