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21 Oct, 2022 1513 Views
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Protect Computer From Ransomware Without proper vigilance of your Internet browsing habits, your computer will easily fall into the trap of Ransomware. Ransomware will lock your files or your operating system. The resulting loss of usability due to ransomware will plummet your productivity. However, you don’t have to be wary just to protect computer from ransomware.

The best solution in this regard, is to get ahead of ransomware and install a proactive solution to online threats. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection or AEP is just the application to provide the high-level protection you and your enterprise needs.

Protect your PC from ransomware: Best Computer Ransomware Protection

Xcitium’s AEP will provide no chance for ransomware to install on your computer. This program is actually a combination of Xcitium’s top technologies rolled into one package that stops ransomware before it even unpacks. There’s Xcitium’s Valkyrie file verdict system, Xcitium’s containment technology, and the company’s proprietary set of algorithms and AI.

Xcitium engineered AEP on a Default Deny Platform which allows good files to run while simultaneously blocking bad files. The AEP runs unknown files in a safe environment isolated away from the rest of the files on the computer drive while Valkyrie, a program which judges if the processes from a file resemble those of malware or ransomware, scans and decide on the event. As you can see, AEP can safely lock away ransomware by allowing it to run in a controlled environment and remove it when shows its harmful side.

The system provides ironclad protection versus ransomware and the three technologies build up AEP’s array of advantages against threats. They do the job to protect computer from ransomware.

What do I do to protect against Ransomware?: Advantages AEP Has To Protect Computer From Ransomware

AEP has an array of advantages which limit ransomware from running in your system. You can rest assured knowing your computer is being watched by because of the following:

1. The Valkyrie file verdict system protect computer from ransomware by giving every single file, including unknown ones a definitive verdict of good, bad, or unknown. You are better armed with what files harm your computer or not.

2. The containment system keeps files that perform a task or run a command until AEP says they are safe for your device. This feature keeps the file that unpacks ransomware into your system from running itself until it is properly scanned.

3. Performance-wise, the containment system does not hog memory. You can do more while AEP protect computer from ransomware.

4. The system destroys ransomware and other malware in a controlled environment so there is no fear of them infecting your computer.

5. AEP could be run on multiple computers while administrators can control the platform and set user controls using only one interface.

6. Even if ransomware or other malware don’t operate through complete files or they’re just malicious strings of code, AEP will still be able to catch them through script behavior analysis.

7. AEP effectively blocks ransomware and other malware from spreading to shared computers over a network by isolating the infection to the device that originally encountered the issue.

8. AEP is a cloud-based intelligence. It analyzes and protect computer from ransomware using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

9. You can whitelist your preferred applications so they run without any checks from AEP.

10. You can set AEP and forget it while it protect computer from ransomware. It will allow only good files to run on your computer with unlimited access.

How To Protect Your PC From Ransomware: AEP: Total Protection Vs. Ransomware And Other Threats

As you can see, AEP provides a complete solution to protect computer from ransomware. It will shield the device from online threats. Since the software scans processes and triggers files in a contained space, it is also effective in catching zero-day threats like the newest strains of ransomware. Xcitium always updates Advanced Endpoint Protection in the cloud so its level of protection against ransomware always stays current.

Aside from a comprehensive ransomware and malware protection package, AEP is also a cost-effective solution for organizations. Users can avail of a 30-day free trial period to see how effective AEP is in protecting them from threats and can then subscribe for a measly $4 per computer per month. This is a small price to pay compared to the horrendous sums hackers will charge once they hostage your personal information when ransomware takes over your computer.

Download your free trial of Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today and stop worrying about ransomware.

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