Xcitium ROI Disrupting The Economics of Endpoint Security

21 Oct, 2022 4422 Views
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Today’s security model is ineffective…and expensive. Conventional and “next gen” defenses are not stopping new and unknown threats, resulting in large costs for an enterprise. Xcitium provides a powerful ROI that completely changes the economics of security.



percent of respondents say their companies had one or more advanced attacks during the past 12 months. *


percent of enterprises reimage systems based on malware detected in network


percent of endpoint re-images or remediations are performed without knowing whether it was truly infected


Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) provides an comprehensive suite of endpoint security functionality with a single price tag and a single point of support. Xcitium changes the economics of endpoint protection, combining multiple categories into a single offering at a fraction of the price you currently pay for your various endpoint security vendors. For the cost of what you might pay one of your multiple endpoint security vendors, Xcitium provides equivalent functionality all of those vendors. Xcitium eliminates false positives and avoids the burden of reimaging systems by stopping malware using definitive threat verdicts to provide definitive yes/no threat answers. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection eliminates the cost and complexity of multiple solutions by providing an comprehensive suite of functionality that includes:

We Help You Achieve This By:
Eliminating the Cost of a Breach

Xcitium’s Default Deny approach to endpoint protection ensures that only good code runs on a system, bad code is stopped, and unknown code runs in secure auto-containment™ until a good/bad verdict is rendered. This approach eliminates breaches and the cost of reimaging machines since bad code is stopped while unknown (potentially bad) code) is contained.

Reducing Desktop Operations and Management

Xcitium AEP enables your staff to do more using fewer tools by providing management and reporting for security as well as IT operations. Xcitium AEP covers desktops, laptops and mobile devices with a comprehensive security and IT management solution that covers diverse areas including remote monitoring and managementpatch management, and automated updates.

Reducing Security Operational Costs

Xcitium AEP’s “suite” approach avoids paying for multiple “point” solutions as well as freeing administrative resources since you do not need to maintain multiple solutions and multiple software agents. Comodo replaces over ten “point” solution areas with one unified solution.

Reducing Solution Support and Vendor Management costs

Xcitium’s integrated approach avoids the support issues associated with maintaining multiple point solutions.

Increased Productivity for User and IT Staff

Xcitium AEP with Secure Auto-Containment™ enables users to perform their work unencumbered by security constraints like application whitelists. IT staff can focus on new projects rather than firefighting malware infections and re-imaging systems.

*Source: Ponemon Institute, “The State of Malware Detection & Prevention”, March 2016

endpoint security roi

Best ROI…
Best Security

Enhanced Security through shared Intelligence. 13 different capabilities sharing intelligence to make a more informed decision

1 endpoint agent to run….1 endpoint agent to pay for…10 other single point solutions replaced with one Endpoint Security Platform! (3 capabilities ONLY Xcitium offers)


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