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What is a trojan horse? What does a trojan horse mean? A trojan horse refers to malicious software that pretends to be a useful application to hide its destructive intent. It works silently in the background, with the user unaware of its malicious activities.

What Does A Trojan Horse Mean: HOW CAN IT GET INTO THE COMPUTER?

A trojan horse can get into the computer a number of ways:

  1. Spear phishing.
  2. Phishing URL.
  3. Exploit kits.
  4. Fake software.
  5. Malvertising.

Let’s go over each of these ways so you can fully understand what does a trojan horse mean and why it’s so dangerous.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is spam email and is the number-one cause of malware infections. It pretends to be legitimate to trick users. Usually, it uses a threat or triggers curiosity to convince users to act promptly. Sometimes, it uses the authority to inflict fear. Once the user downloads the email attachment, a trojan horse installs quietly in the background.

Phishing URL

A phishing URL is an infected link that redirects users to malicious websites that install a trojan horse without the user’s permission. The installation occurs in the background, making it unnoticeable.

Exploit Kits

Exploit kits are malicious tools that hackers use to scan web browsers and devices for unknown vulnerabilities, then they inject a trojan horse on the device.

Fake Software

What does a trojan horse mean? Remember, a trojan horse often pretends to be a useful application to get into your computer. It may be disguised as any legitimate software related to your online searches.


Malvertising is a form of social engineering that installs malware through malicious advertisements. The advertisements install malware secretly when the users open or close them.

That’s how a trojan horse gets into the computer. Knowing this and what does a trojan horse mean are important so you can avoid falling victim to a trojan horse attack.

So, what does a trojan horse mean? Well, once a trojan horse infects your computer, you are at risk of data theft and unauthorized charges.

Trojan horse Definition & Meaning: HOW DOES A TROJAN HORSE WORK?

Now that you know what does a trojan horse mean, let’s look at how they work.


A trojan horse is also referred to as a toolkit for installing dangerous malware, such as a rootkit, ransomware, keylogger, and spyware. Once it’s installed, a trojan horse activates the malicious software it comes with.

Conceals Malware

To carry out their goals, a trojan horse conceals itself in malicious activities. What does a trojan horse mean in this case? By modifying critical data in computer memory, a trojan horse can prevent malware from being detected.

Creates Backdoor Access

A trojan horse also creates backdoor access on the user’s computer, allowing hackers to take control of the computer without the user’s knowledge. A trojan horse can change a security setting to create such a backdoor.

Steals Personal Information

What does a trojan horse mean in this situation? A trojan horse can monitor computer activities to steal personal information. It silently records your online searches, personal conversations, and browsing activities. Then it transmits the information to the hacker via a remote server.

DDoS Attacks

A trojan horse can also flood servers, networks, and websites with unwanted traffic to disrupt its normal operation. This can temporarily shut down websites, IT infrastructures, and servers.

What Does a Trojan Horse Mean? — What Are the Signs of a Trojan Horse Infection?

It might be difficult to tell if your computer has an infection, but if you see the following warning signs, consider scanning your computer even if you’re still not exactly sure what does a trojan horse mean.

  1. Slow computer.
  2. Low disk space.
  3. Stubborn pop-ups.
  4. Applications acting up.
  5. Blue screen of death.
  6. Being redirected to unwanted websites.
  7. Strange icons on the taskbar.
  8. Unfamiliar plugins and add ons.
  9. Change desktop background.
  10. Disabled computer program.

If you want to scan your computer for malware, install anti-malware software on your computer. It is the best tool to detect and remove malware from the computer.

Anti-malware software is designed specifically to combat malware infections. It keeps your computer, data, and files safe from varieties of malware.

Just look for a reputable anti-malware software online. Choose advanced anti-malware software because traditional anti-malware software may not be enough to protect you against sophisticated malware.

Malware keeps growing more advanced and can load directly on computer memory. They can also alter registry keys. Traditional anti-malware software may not be able to protect the critical parts of the computer. Carefully evaluate the features of the anti-malware software before you invest in it, especially if you don’t fully understand what does a trojan horse mean and how to protect yourself.

What Does A Trojan Horse Mean: Conslusion

Now that you have a better idea of what does a trojan horse mean, keep your computer protected with advanced anti-malware software. A trojan horse is a dangerous malware that can destroy, copy, and steal personal information. Don’t let it infect your computer.


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