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If you want to detect computer logging software on your computer, below are some effective methods that can help you spot and remove computer logging from your computer:

Computer Logging Software


Method No. 1 – Safe Mode

One sure way to detect computer logging software is through safe mode. It allows you to easily spot the computer monitoring software because only the basic programs load. So how can you go to safe mode?

1. Press Windows + R on the keyboard
2. Type in MSCONFIG
3. In the System Configuration box, tick safe mode
4. Click Apply then OK.
5. Windows Restarts in safe mode
6. Go to System Configuration again
7. Click on the Startup tab
8. Look for any suspicious application in the list *an application that is unfamiliar without a verified publisher
9. Uncheck it to disable it

That should have stopped the computer logging software activity on the computer. This prevents it from intercepting more keystrokes. That’s how to detect a computer logging software in safe mode.

Method No. 2 – Task Manager

Another way to detect computer logging software is through Task Manager. It allows you to see active applications on the computer. If computer monitoring software is active, you will see it in the list of applications.

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del
2. Click on the Processes tab
3. Check for any suspicious application
4. Click on it and end its process

That should stop computer logging software from running on the computer.

Method No. 3 – Programs and Features

If you want to uninstall the malicious application you have found in System Configuration and Task Manager, you can remove it from Programs and Features.

1. Click on Start
2. Choose Control Panel
3. Go to Programs and Features
4. Look for the same file you disabled in Startup or Task Manager
5. Right click on it and uninstall it

Now that the malicious software is uninstalled, it is important to delete its trace in the temp folder because it may reinstall if the user runs the file again.

Method No. 4 – Clear Temporary Files

Clearing temporary files helps you get rid of malware from the computer. It also frees up some space on the computer.

1. Click on the windows search bar
2. Type in %temp%
3. When then temp folder opens, delete all the temporary Internet files

That should get rid of computer logging software immediately.

Method No. 5 – Scan with Anti Malware Software

If you want to ensure complete malware removal, scan your computer with anti malware software. It detects varieties of malware hiding in the computer. It can detect a hidden computer monitoring software on the computer.

Anti malware software is designed to detect and block malware such as computer logging software on IoT devices. You can download a reputable anti malware software on the Internet. Anti malware software differs in features. Choose the best. Check out the best anti malware software for a personal computer here.


Anti malware software with endpoint protection will detect computer logging software on endpoint devices. Endpoint protection is a method for managing endpoint devices using a single console.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is trusted endpoint security software that detects threats such as computer logging software in no time.

Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)

HIPS is a sophisticated feature of Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection that deals with computer logging software and fileless malware.

It monitors the keyboard against direct access. If any application attempts to access the keyboard, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection will notify. You can allow or block the application.

Moreover, HIPS also protects computer memory and registry against malicious modifications. Sophisticated malware modify critical keys to remain invisible in the file system. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents unauthorized modifications on endpoint devices.

Auto-Containment (Default Deny Feature)

The Auto-Containment is a sandboxing technology that can detect computer logging software and other threats before they reach the file system. It is built upon Default Deny. So it automatically contains any unknown file that enters the computer. If the file is malicious it will be detected immediately.


The firewall protects the business network against inbound and outbound dangers and threats. It also protects endpoint devices from phishing by continually checking data transmission on endpoint devices.


Computer logging software must be detected immediately because it transmits the stolen information to the hacker. This may result in data breach. Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today to scan your endpoint devices for computer logging software. Or contact us at +1 (888) 551-1531 to get a live demo.


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