Endpoint Protection Solution In 2024

05 Jan, 2023 553 Views
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Endpoint Protection Solution In 2022The year 2023 is going to witness more sophisticated and more frequent cyber attacks. Organized cyber crime gangs, nation-state attackers, hackers, and wannabe cyber criminals will all perform more advanced attacks. As nation-states quietly unleash cyber war, and with cyber espionage out of bilateral agreements, the sophistication of these threats will increase.

Events such as the WannaCry ransomware attacks (of which North Korea is suspected – credible links have been obtained) will increase. Though the WannaCry ransomware inflicted significant damage, it did not have the full impact for what it was designed for. May be, it was an accidental release, with an easy way to block the attack. However, such accidental half-baked releases are a rare event.

“When, Not If”

Cyber criminals will up their ante. A major cyber-attack on the UK is on the cards, warns the head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin. The attack is a matter of “when, not if”, says Martin. The US, France and some parts of Europe have already faced category one (C1) attacks that cripple critical infrastructure such as power, finance and cause election interference.

There may be offensive cyber attacks as well as retaliatory cyber attacks. This is why attackers develop bot networks for future Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Though hackers have got jailed for malicious activity and DDoS attacks, it would be a minor deterrent as they would find more sophisticated ways to cover their tracks.

Change in Motivation

There has been a shift in cyber crime motivation of nation states. They seem to have shifted from targeting and disrupting infrastructure to affecting financial institutions with ransomware for monetary gain. Cyber espionage, however, will continue as nation-states spy on other states seeking potential targets for future attacks.

Why you need a Robust Endpoint Protection Solution

You need Advanced Endpoint Protection to protect the devices connected to your enterprise network. Your Endpoint Protection solution must be able to detect intrusions and prevent your endpoint devices – servers, workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones and IoT devices – from being recruited into a bot network. Once recruited, it can be used for DDoS attacks without your knowledge.

The botnet can be used to steal sensitive credentials and as part of a DDoS army. The attacks can cause financial distress for individuals and companies and also destroy businesses. And they also affect critical infrastructure.

These factors portray the necessity of an Endpoint Protection solution to secure your enterprise network and all the devices that are part of the network. And just not any endpoint protection solution will do. You need Advanced Endpoint Protection that will block not only all known malware but also unknown files.

Unknown Files

Most endpoint security solutions follow an antiquated default-allow posture – they block all known bad files and allow all other files – good files and unknown files. The term “files” means processes or executables. Hackers can create slight variations of existing known malware, and the end result would be “a new malware”.

Only Xcitium (AEP) follows a default-deny posture to allow only known good files to run unfettered on the enterprise network while blocking all known bad files and unknown files. The unknown files are automatically wrapped in a sophisticated virtual container which is a combination of COM interfaces, disk, registry, and memory. The behavior of the file is observed and an accelerated verdict is obtained on whether the file is good or bad.

Protection Against Zero-Day Attacks, Patient Zero Scenarios

Xcitium AEP is the only effective Endpoint Protection solution that detects and blocks unknown files to prevent zero-day attacks, as well as patient zero scenarios.

Protect your enterprise network with Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. Stay protected. Get Xcitium AEP now.

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