Digital Certificates for financial institutions

21 Oct, 2022 6858 Views
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Solutions Industry Making Financial Transactions More Secure.


Financial institutions need a responsive and innovative partner to deliver an effective protection landscape.

With threats to financial institutions and their customers escalating at an unprecedented rate, Xcitiumis continually innovating to counter them with an effective protection landscape.

Xcitium protects financial institutions of all sizes with leading edge security and authentication solutions for Internet banking applications, websites, enterprise applications, messaging, and more.

Financial Institutions Industry Solutions

Financial Institutions: Digital Certificates/SSL and Certificate Management

Data encryption and site authentication for virtually any educational environment or application. Includes advanced certificate management tools to bring efficiency and cost saving to securing decentralized environments, as well as a full range of digital certificate types.

Financial Institutions: Endpoint Security

Schools, Colleges and Universities can slash licensing fee expenditure, raise overall security and reduce desk-side support visits by deploying Xcitium Endpoint Security Manager to protect network workstations.

Financial Institutions: Compliance and Monitoring

Compliance frequently involves taking proactive steps to counter security threats. Monitoring Internet-connected resources for vulnerabilities is a widely recognized best practice as well as a growing compliance requirement. Additionally, Xcitium is a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) that financial institutions use to help their customers achieve PCI compliance.

Financial Institutions: Mobile Device Management

Xcitium’s unconventional approach to licensing users instead of devices allows Schools, Colleges, and Universities to simplify overall management and slash lifetime deployment costs while securing their mobile devices.
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