PCI Compliance

21 Oct, 2022 214 Views
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PCI Compliance and Reporting Solution From Xcitium

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What Is PCI Compliance Reporting Solution


PCI Compliance : The Value of Visibility

The hardest part of managing PCI Compliance for a community is knowing where you are. Xcitium PCI Compliance Reporting Solution allows a compliance manager to drive a community towards becoming PCI compliant by providing the necessary visibility to take action.

Xcitium effectively enters the PCI Compliance process without disrupting operations. Through a centralized portal, merchants fill out the required annual
self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) which then automatically reports directly to the compliance manager. Endpoints no longer need to manually send reports to the compliance manager!

The visibility gained by Xcitium’s PCI Reporting Solution allows the compliance manager to identify areas of weakness and take corrective action. For example, if one sees that a large majority of the community are failing the requirement to test their networks then one could educate the endpoints and provide products for them to use to satisfy that requirement.


PCI Compliance Definition: Why Xcitium?

Xcitium understands the unique challenges of driving PCI compliance to a distributed community. Xcitium’s reporting solution delivers real-time visibility that can only be achieved by true understanding of the compliance process. We have already gone through the trouble of identifying the most important indicators that will allow the compliance manager to make informed decisions.


Key Features of PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance wizard guides compliance endpoints through the SAQ

Comprehensive aggregate reporting

Centralized portal for everyone to use

Bundle products and services for meeting PCI DSS requirements

More Information about PCI Compliance Reporting Solution

PCI Compliance Wizard
Hosted iFrame that can be placed on any website allows endpoints to complete the annual SAQ with an easy to use wizard. Expert help along the way provides explanations of key concepts and clarifies confusing terms.

Comprehensive Aggregate Reporting
Stay on top of
PCI Compliance with detailed compliance reporting. Drill down capability allows you to assess compliance at a macro and micro level. The compliance manager can see who is compliant and who is not or drill down and see what requirement the community is failing. Exportable reports allow you to submit a report to your acquirer or Credit Card Association on-demand.

Centralized Portal
Single location accessible for everyone to go through keeps the process simple and convenient. After all, the easier it is the more everyone will use it.

Additional PCI Products and Services
Xcitium provides products and services that satisfy additional PCI DSS requirements including
SSL Certificates, Firewall, Two-factor Authentication, and Email Encryption.

Next Steps in PCI Compliance

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