What Is The Best Malware Software Features Should a Good Anti-Malware Software Have?

21 Oct, 2022 892 Views
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Choosing an anti malware for your computer can be challenging too. To avoid spending money on inefficient anti malware, you must know the features of a good anti malware software.

Enterprise Xcitium What is the Best Malware Software?
The features we will discuss determine what’s the best malware software.

Best Malware Software: Features of a Good Anti Malware Software

Anti malware features are important factors because they are the ones responsible for identifying and deleting malware. An anti malware software with poor security features will fail to protect the computer against malware that results in malware infection.

So what features should a good anti malware software have?

Cloud-Based Verdict Platform

A cloud-based verdict platform is anti malware software feature that provides real-time analysis. When the scanner sends a file code to the cloud-based platform it must be able to provide a verdict in no time.

To give a brief explanation about a file code. Every malware is identified by its virus code. It’s the code the scanner collects and sends over to the cloud-based platform for analysis. If the code matches any of codes listed in the platform, it means that the file is malicious.

So it is also important that the cloud-based platform is updated because thousands of virus are released every day. A good malware software must have a cloud-based verdict platform to identify malware immediately.


Sandbox is like a quarantine, an isolated space within the computer that allows file execution without infecting the hard drive files and system. What’s the importance of a sandbox?

There are times when the cloud-based platform flags the file as “unknown.” It means that there is insufficient information about the file. It’s probably an undiscovered threat or newly released software.

There are also cases when malware gets past the cloud-based platform by mutating its pattern, which is one of the characteristics of an advanced type of malware. The role of a sandbox is to allow a close analysis by containing the file.

Without a sandbox, monitoring a suspicious file within a protected space is impossible. That’s why a good anti malware must have this feature.

Powerful Antivirus

Are you confused already? What? An antivirus is different from an anti malware? Let’s discuss it.

An antivirus software is use to block all threats and viruses but it may not contain the other features that an anti malware software has. To make it short, an anti malware is more advanced than an antivirus. That’s why some install both antivirus and anti malware on the computer. To avoid the hassle of installing two different software, look for an anti malware with an antivirus already.

Now that we know the difference, let’s move on to another important feature of a good anti malware software.

Fileless Malware Protection

Fileless malware is the most dangerous type of malware because it directly attacks the central part of the operating system. This means that it can lie undetected for a long time. Fileless malware is used to deliver big cyber crimes such as hacking corporate and government information. What’s more alarming is it bypasses a traditional anti malware software.

So it is important to choose an anti malware software that protects the computer against fileless malware. Some examples of fileless malware are VBscript and Powershell.


Malware travels within the network and infects the other devices connected to it. In addition, hackers breach into security by looking for a vulnerability in the network. So it is important that an anti-malware software has a firewall because it prevents unauthorized data transmissions. A firewall protects the entire network against malware attacks.

Heuristic Analysis

The other important feature of anti-malware software is Heuristics. It is an approach used to monitor characteristics and behaviors. We have mentioned that in the Sandbox, the file is closely analyzed.

It’s a Heuristics job. To identify malware it observes how it behaves inside the cell. If the file displays harmful activities, it’s flagged as a threat. Heuristics can also determine the file destination and intent just by examining it.

Signature-Based Detection

Lastly, the anti-malware software features are incomplete without Signature-Based Detection. It’s probably one of the oldest malware detection methods but it’s effective. That’s why an anti-malware software must have this feature.

Best Malware Software Conclusion

Signature-based detection is used to compare the virus code the scanner collects to the other codes within the cloud-based platform. It identifies malware easily because the platform has a vast collection of virus codes.

Alright! Now that we know the features to look for in anti-malware software. Are you ready to check out what’s the best malware software for your computer?

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