5 Critical Factors To Look For In Endpoint Security Tools

21 Oct, 2022 697 Views
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Endpoint Security ToolsEndpoint security is crucial for enterprise network security. Without these security tools, enterprises would be subjected to a barrage of security threats. But selecting one from the list of many different endpoint security tools existing in the market is not that easy. Therefore here we list 5 crucial factors to look out for while selecting endpoint security tools.

  • 1. Endpoint Security Tools Should Block The Unknown: Because it is the unknown (zero-day threats) which pose huge problems in the cybersecurity threat landscape today. Therefore blocking the unknown is extremely crucial. Xcitium AEP (Advanced Endpoint Protection) ensures the unknown is blocked effectively by making use of Default Deny Platform and Containment technology.
  • 2. Endpoint Security Tools Should Not Impact Productivity: These security tools sometimes can weigh heavily on enterprise networks because of the sophisticated technology they employ and thus affect network performance greatly. But Xcitium AEP is extremely lightweight and ensures enterprise productivity is not impacted by using technologies like VirusScope and Valkyrie which ensure malware is detected within minutes.
  • 3. Endpoint Security Tools Should Turn Threat Intelligence Into Prevention Automatically: Gathering threat intelligence alone is not sufficient. A good endpoint security solution should be able to turn them into prevention automatically. That is, block the discovered bad or suspicious threats automatically. Xcitium AEP does this easily by combining technologies Default Deny Platform and Containment which ensure suspicious looking files or applications are not given access to the network until they prove themselves to be harmless.
  • 4. Endpoint Security Tools Should Protect All Applications: These security tools should come equipped with security measures that ensure all the applications within the network are protected properly. Xcitium AEP ensures this through application security features like application inventorying, application whitelisting/blacklisting, BYOD protection and more.
  • 5. Endpoint Security Tools Should Be Enterprise-Ready: These security tools should be easy to deploy. In other words, enterprise-ready, so that corporates can start protecting their networks from the moment they install them. Xcitium AEP ensures this through its device control features like over-the-air device enrollment, default profiles, easy-to-deploy policy-based management and more.
  • 6. Endpoint Security Tools Should Include Device And Data Protection Features: Protecting the device, as well as the data within the device in worse-case scenarios like device theft or device falling into the wrong hands, is also necessary. Xcitium AEP also comes equipped with the device as well as data protection features like Find My Device, AntiTheft, Data Isolation, Remote Data Wipe for this purpose.

As you can see, Xcitium AEP (Advanced Endpoint Protection) contains all these 5 critical factors making it the best endpoint security solution available in the market. Therefore if you are an enterprise in search of endpoint security solution, use Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection to protect your enterprise networks.

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