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21 Oct, 2022 729 Views
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Online PC Scan And Repair SoftwareAntivirus software solutions are helpful programs that secure any system from the malicious threats coming from the web or from any devices connected to the particular system. If you don’t have antivirus or your existing antivirus is not enough, you may utilize an online PC scan and repair software.

Threats may include computer worms, viruses, Trojan horses, keyloggers, ransomware, and any suspicious files and threats that have the capability of destroying and harming the system’s health.

Hence, the online PC scan and repair software is an important tool to scan computers and protect your system from hackers and keep your machine running in good condition. Having an online PC scan and repair software will ensure a good quality of scanning, identifying and removing threats,

Online PC Scan And Repair: Types Of Common Web Threats

It is helpful to scan computers using an online PC scan and repair software. But it is also important to be familiarized with the different types of web


You can avoid this phishing attacks if you try to scan computers and use an online PC scan and repair software. This phishing attack is an email that is made to look as though it comes from a legitimate company you normally do business with. The email might tell you that some sort of service normally provided to you is due for expiration. It could also redirect you to a website to get information. This includes credit card details, social security number.

Spyware And Adware

Another threat that you may identify if you scan computers and try to use online PC scan and repair software is the adware and spyware. Spyware is a type of threat that is programmed to secretly collect user information while on the Internet. While adware is a type of spyware that was used by the marketers to track Internet users’ habits and interest for the purpose of customizing their future advertisements. Another is that an Adware can monitor information such as the different types of websites visited, types of articles being read, or the types of pop-ups and banners the user clicks on. If you will not scan computers using an online PC scan and repair software, the stolen information is then used to customized future ads directed to the user, or to the third-party for the same purpose.

Worms and Viruses

Worms and viruses are two of the most common threats if you scan computers and make use of online PC scan and repair software. A computer virus is a piece of software that is attached to the program or a file. Like the biological viruses, it needs to attach itself to another live program to survive and reproduce. Viruses can only run if the infected program is running. While active, the virus attempts to replicate and attach itself to the other programs in the computer system. If you will not scan computers using an online PC scan and repair software, it will use the resources of the computer such as disk space, memory, and even the network bandwidth. An email virus is currently the latest type of computer virus you can encounter if you scan computers or scan file for the virus on your computer.

Whereas worms are comparable to computer viruses. It will exploit the computers within the local network that contain security slips. Once there is a security gap, the worm will attempt to replicate itself from one computer to another. On the off chance that you will not scan computers using an online PC scan and repair software, they can also be destructive.


The Trojan horses are another type of web threat that is very common and can be identified if you scan computers using an online PC scan and repair software. A Trojan is a program designed to be very destructive. It poses as a harmless application to deceive its victims. Unlike viruses, they do not replicate themselves and do not need a host program to attach to. Currently, many people often accept trojans onto their computers because they believe that these programs are harmless and could be beneficial. Some Trojans will claim to help the user to get rid of the computer viruses and will help you scan computers using an online PC scan and repair software, but instead, it will introduce more viruses and leave it vulnerable to attacks.

Online PC Scan And Repair Software You Can Trust: Prevention Ways

There are plenty of ways on how you will protect your system against these threats like avoiding the email attachments coming from an unknown source. You may also protect yourself by refraining on clicking pop up advertisements. But the most important method of protecting your system is by utilizing a good quality online PC scan and repair software like the Xcitium Internet Security. This software has been designed and developed by Xcitium. It has plenty of security features like antivirus, firewall, Default-Deny Protection, and Host Intrusion Prevention System. This is to meet the security demands of its loyal customers. So, try to download now and see the difference!



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